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Seton Hall University (SHU) is meeting the current special education needs of the educational community. If you are a general education teacher with an existing MA in anything other than special education, a special education teacher with an MA in areas other than special education, a school psychologist, a guidance counselor, an occupational therapist, or a speech pathologist, you are faced with teaching or creating behavior plans for students with autism within the general education environment. The SHU certificate in Autism Studies will provide you with the conceptual knowledge, strategies, and assessments that are necessary to serve the special needs of students with autism. An SHU certificate in Autism Studies will be awarded to students who successfully complete a five course, 15-credit program. Graduate students may apply the 15 credits toward an MA degree at Seton Hall University. Graduate students need not be certified teachers to receive the Autism Studies Certificate.

How to Apply:

Students in any M.A. program may also apply for the Seton Hall University Certificate in Autism Studies. For more information, please contact Diana Minakakis, Director of Graduate Admissions, College of Education and Human Services, at or (973) 275-2824.

Students completing the 15 credits below will receive the Certificate in Autism Studies:

Name of Course Description Credits
EDST 7447 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Assessment and Intervention 3
EDST 7448 Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers 3
EDST 7449 Autism: Behavior Therapy and Classroom Management 3
EDST 7450 Single Case Design 3
EDST 7451 or
EDST 6444
Seminar: Research Methods in Special Education or
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Theory, Treatment & Practice

See the University's graduate catalogue for further details.

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