College of Education and Human Services


Educational Studies

The Educational Studies Department provides undergraduate teacher preparation programs in early childhood, elementary education, and special education as well as secondary education. At the graduate level, the department has programs in initial teaching certification, professional development for educators, instructional technology, and media specialist.
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Education Leadership, Management & Policy

The Department of Education Leadership, Management and Policy is dedicated to serving graduate students seeking educational leadership roles in public, private and parochial schools, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations and other education policy organizations. More »

Professional Psychology & Family Therapy

The Department of Professional Psychology & Family Therapy focuses on training professionals in a wide variety of educational and counseling specialties via nationally recognized, accredited graduate programs that prepare students to work as psychologists or counselors in school and community settings. More »


Center for Global Education

The Center for Global Education serves as a vehicle to advance knowledge of global issues, build skills and develop dispositions among Seton Hall students, elementary and secondary school students and domestic and international educators in order to promote global civic competence. More »

English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language Program serves students from all over the world, providing coursework for comprehensive language development. A wide range of content and materials, presented through interesting methodology, make the experience of ESL effective and practical. More »

Office of Field Placement and Supervision

The Office of Field Placement and Supervision serves all undergraduate and graduate programs within the Department of Educational Studies. The office places candidates in their internship and culminating clinical placements. More »

Institute for Education Leadership, Research and Renewal

Recognizing that today’s leaders require a dramatically different level of knowledge, skill, and character than those of the past, Seton Hall University’s Institute for Education Leadership, Research and Renewal (IELRR) draws from the latest research and theory and combines it with current best practices to design programs and services for administrators and educators. More »

The Academy for Urban School Transformation

The challenge of schools that consistently fail their students requires bold, new interventions that inspire change. We offer them. There are no excuses for low student achievement in our urban schools. Join the Academy for Urban School Transformation and learn how you can tap into our proven models for success. We offer educators working in high poverty schools dynamic strategies for learning, teaching and leading. Take the first step today and learn more about what we’re up to. More »

The Institute for International Schools

The challenge of teaching and leading in the global community has never been greater. Seton Hall University has developed a sequence of instructional experiences designed to supplement and enhance the skills and abilities of teachers and administrators in the international education community. Our services provide quality, research-based instruction in the areas of teaching, learning and leading, designed to maximize the effectiveness of international schools and enhance the achievement of international students.

Join The Institute for International Schools and explore how you can apply research-based, field tested models for success. More »

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