College of Education and Human Services

How a Degree from Seton Hall Can Advance Your Career
An Ed.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy enables graduates to enter the professional community with a license-eligible graduate degree. Upon graduation, students can apply for a permit from the state licensing board to work in a professional setting such as a community mental health center or private practice under the ongoing supervision of a licensed marriage and family therapist who is responsible for their further training.
Graduates have benefited from the program by gaining a specialized degree in marriage and family therapy that trains them to work clinically with families, couples and individuals from a systemic perspective in multiple social and cultural contexts. They earn a post-mater's degree beyond a foundational master's degree. They receive a license-eligible degree, which, when combined with the required supervised clinical practice, allows them to apply to a state board for licensing.

Program Director:
Ben Beitin, Ph.D.

(973) 761-9451

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