About the Institute

Seton Hall University has been a catalyst for leadership for more than 150 years at the local, national, and international levels and has been recognized for its outstanding academic and humanitarian programs.

The University’s College of Education and Human Services has a long standing commitment to leadership and to school improvement, a tradition which led to the creation of the Institute for International Schools. Under the leadership of Dr. Charles P. Mitchel, Associate Dean, the Institute seeks to share the expertise and diverse experiences of its dedicated faculty to serve the international school community.

Our Mission

The Institute is committed to raising student achievement by providing teachers and administrators in international schools with research-based, practitioner-validated, quality education services.  These services include on-site, in-country Master’s Degree programs in Education Leadership and Teacher Education.  We also offer on-site, in-country Professional Development Workshops in Leadership, Literacy, Numeracy, and Science.

Learn More

To contact The Institute and learn more about its program offerings, please visit its blog or call (973) 275-2854.

Contact Us

The Institute for International Schools
(973) 275-2854
Jubilee Hall Rm. 471

Executive Director Charles P. Mitchel, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Urban and International Initiatives

Telephone: (973) 275-2854
E-mail: charles.mitchel@shu.edu

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