College of Education and Human Services

How Do I Apply?
Students may acquire up to 15 graduate credits in the College of Education and Human Services based on experiences in a New Jersey state approved alternate route provisional teacher training program and on the graduate program selected.  For further information and/or to obtain forms, please call (973) 761-9393 or e-mail

  • Complete a non-matriculated student form
  • Complete an application to acquire graduate credit
  • Submit copies of Regional Training Center Reports for each formative Evaluation (Phases I, II, and III) and the Summative Evaluation prepared by your principal. You do not need to submit all phases at once.
  • Payment at 50% of the current graduate tuition rate by check, money order, or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, or Amex) must accompany application for credits.  No fees will be charged.
  • SHU will evaluate your materials.
  • A grade of A or B will be placed on your SHU transcript for the related graduate credits. An A reflects an outstanding rating and a B reflects a satisfactory rating. No credits will be awarded for unsatisfactory grades. Courses will appear on your transcript for the semester in which SHU receives your paperwork and payment. The tuition rate for that semester will apply.
  • Credits must be awarded within 3 years of completing the alternate route experience.
  • Up to 15 awarded credits may be applied to a Master's degree at Seton Hall in Educational Studies. 

Application Deadlines
Graduate credit must be awarded within 3 years of completing the alternate route experience.

When Will You Make a Decision on My Application?
Candidates are admitted to the program on an ongoing basis after careful screening and evaluating of application documents.

Program Director:
Rosemary Skeele, Ed.D.

(973) 761-9393

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