College of Education and Human Services

General Approach
The M.A. in College Student Personnel Administration introduces students to theory, research, policy and practice related to higher education administration in general and student affairs administration in particular. Study is available on either full or part-time basis.

Program Requirements
Students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours, including the following:

I. Major (21 credits)

ELMP 6101 Introduction to Higher Education 3
ELMP 9997 Historical Development of American Higher Education 3
ELMP 6102 American College Student 3
ELMP 6103 College Student Affairs Administration 3
ELMP 9993 Organization and Governance in Higher Education 3
ELMP 8981 Administrative Internship I 3
ELMP 7763 School Law 3

II. Foundations (9 credits)

Choose three courses from the following:

 ELMP 7765  Education Policy Analysis 3
 CPSY 6003  Counseling Skills 3
 ELMP 8982  Administrative Internship II 3
 CPSY 6102  Psychology of Human Development 3
 ELMP 8801  Interdisciplinary Studies 3
 ELMP 8984  Leadership Institute 3
 ELMP 9996  Community College 3
ELMP 7777 Diversity in Higher Education 3
ELMP 9995 Financial Administration of Higher Education Institutions 3

III. Research (3 credits)

ELMP 8891  Directed Research 3

IV. Electives (3 credits)
For additional information on courses and curricula, please see the Graduate Catalogue.

Program Director:
Rong Chen, Ph.D.
(973) 275-2823

For program inquiries:
Kevin Majewski, MA
Graduate Assistant
(973) 275-2861 

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