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Cherie Ludy

Cherie Ludy – MAE
Assistant Superintendent

"As a graduate of Seton Hall's ELMP program, I would like to update you on my recent success that is primarily attributed to this wonderful program!!  Since my graduation, I have obtained employment in a school district as an Assistant Superintendent.  This appointment was attainable due to the education I received through the ELMP program.  The curricula, and its presentation by the ELMP instructors, are beyond reproach!  It is my opinion, if an individual would like to advance in the area of Educational Leadership, Seton Hall's ELMP program will guarantee success!!"

Todd DeClemente

Todd M. DeClemente, MAE
Principal, Cathedral Parish School in the Diocese of St. Augustine, K-8
St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Florida

“This program was led by dedicated professors, a passionate cohort of peers, and a rigorous course of study. Coupled with regular communication via emerging technology, Seton Hall truly prepared me for an administrative position in a modern educational world.”

Paul Popadiuk

Paul J. Popadiuk, MAE
Principal, Montgomery High School
Montgomery Twp. School District, Somerset County, NJ

“I became a Vice Principal at Montgomery High School in August of 2006. This was just months after completing my degree at Seton Hall through Learning Team 11. I was promoted to principal in January of 2010. I can’t say enough about my experience with SetonWorldWide. The online courses were relevant, and the professional dialogue that took place during the threads fostered growth, perspective and knowledge. The professors were excellent, and the classes prepared me for being an administrator. SetonWorldWide gave me an opportunity to gain a quality education while meeting my many responsibilities as teacher, coach, father and husband. The program provided my with a supportive network of faculty and fellow educators that helped tackle real and practical issues in education, and continue to aid my professional growth and development.”

Cory DelgadoCory Delgado; MAE
Principal, Montgomery Upper Middle School
Montgomery Twp. School District, Somerset County, NJ

“I can’t say enough about the ELMP program at Seton Hall. As a busy father of two young children, teaching during the day and coaching most evenings, it would have been impossible to continue my education the traditional way. The distance learning experience from a credible institution allowed me to earn the advanced degree necessary to further my career in education. The course work was rigorous and relevant, thoroughly preparing me for an immediate administrative position. In three short years since graduating the program I reached my dream position of middle school principal. Many members of my cohort, who I now refer to as friends, are experiencing the same success as we remain a valuable professional network for one another."

Todd Pegal

Todd Pagel – MAE
Social Studies Teach, Football Coach

“Being a coach of three sport and teaching a class load I found it hard to earn my Master’s at night.  I did not want to give up my coaching to earn my degree in administration.  The Seton Hall program allowed me to attend a wonderful university while also coaching three sports.  The online classes were unbelievable, the interaction between the other students was fantastic and the professors were extremely knowledgeable and accommodating.  Anyone who participates in after school activities but still wants to become an administrator should apply for this Seton Hall program.”

Frank Chmiel

Frank Chmiel – MAE
Social Studies Teacher, Montgomery High School

“Seton Hall’s Master’s in ELMP program deepened my understanding of not only school leadership, but leadership as a whole.  The well-rounded curriculum provided effective supervision strategies, leadership techniques, and exposure to the latest educational research.  While it is a challenge to balance coursework with daily responsibilities, a caring faculty encourages and facilitates your journey. Our society desperately needs courageous, dedicated, honest, and empathetic leaders, who are ready to answer the call.  It is much easier to sit on the sideline and critique the injustices of American education.  It is a more challenging and nobler act to immerse one’s self in the fray and strive to make a difference.  Seton Hall instilled all of these qualities as well as the realization that I must use my gifts and training to fulfill my calling…to be a leader.”

Jennifer Gurick

Jennifer Gurick – MAE  
Social Studies, Computer Teacher

“I truly enjoyed my two years with the SetonWorldWide program.  Although it is an online program, the experience taught me so much about the ins and outs of education administration.  Taking the full-time courses all while being a full-time teacher, moving into a new home, and planning a wedding could be stressful with other programs. Seton Hall, on the other hand, was very manageable with the distance learning program.  I would recommend it to anyone looking to further their educational career.”

Justin Cooper

Justin Cooper – MAE  
Athletic Director

“SetonWorldWide has given me the opportunity to earn a top-notch Master’s degree at an affordable price and on my time.  The program was comprehensive yet unique in the fact that I could work at my own pace during the week.  The threaded discussions were great sounding boards as fellow peers and professionals interacted.  The actual Internet programs were easy to use and I never had a problem logging in.  As long as I had an Internet connection, I was able to go to school!  I have made friends and plan on using the degree to further along our students.  I feel I have learned the tools necessary to become a leader in school administration.  I also feel the program gives me the knowledge to help students realize that they are not the leaders of tomorrow…They are the leaders of today.”

Winfield Becker

Winfield (Tripp) Becker, III – MAE
Teacher, Coach

“I would highly recommend Seton Hall’s ELMP program to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in education administration.  Being an online program, it offers its students flexibility while challenging them through a rich curriculum that reflects the latest research and applications in education administration.  I believe that the ELMP program has given me the necessary tools and knowledge to be a successful administrator.”

Program Director:
Al Galloway, Ph.D.

(973) 275-2417

Assistant Program Director:
Mel Katz, Ed.D.

(973) 275-2469

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