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General Approach
The Master's and Education Specialist degree programs offered by the Department of Education Leadership, Management and Policy addresses the changing New Jersey State Department of Education requirements for certification as principal, as well as the rigorous Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) standards. This program can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of students who are not seeking certification, by permitting a variety of administration electives.


Degree Requirements
Complete 36 credits in the following components:

A. Foundations (12 credits)
Ethical/Psychological Foundations (6 credits)
In this module, students will be exposed to a variety of philosophical and ethical problems as they relate to organizations and on examining human behavior and its impact on organizational functioning.

 EDST 6336 Psychological Issues and Implications 3
 EDST 7310 Ethical Issues 3

Research and Microcomputers for Administrators (6 credits)
In this module, students will focus on classroom and supervisory/management/leadership action research and explore database management systems. 

 ELMP 7768  Technology for Administrators 3
 ELMP 8891   Directed Research in Administration and Supervision 3

B. Leadership/Management (12 credits)

ELMP 6601  Organization and Administration of Education 3
ELMP 6761  Finance in Administration 3
ELMP 8983  Leadership and Management Assessment 3
 ELECTIVE   (3 credits - selected with adviser assistance) 3

C. Curriculum and Supervision (6 credits)
In this module, students will focus on curriculum development and the assessment process as they relate to instructional supervision. These two courses must be taken concurrently.

ELMP 6665  Curriculum Development and Evaluation 3
ELMP 6666  Supervision of Instruction and Evaluation 3

D. New Jersey School Law (3 credits)

 ELMP 7763 School Law: State of New Jersey/Constitutional Law (3 credits) 3

E. Internship

 ELMP 8981  Administrative Internship I & II (prerequisite EDAS 8983)  

For additional information on courses and curricula, please see the Graduate Catalogue.

Program Director:
Barbara Strobert, Ed.D.

(973) 275-2324

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