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How a Degree from Seton Hall Can Advance Your Career

The M.A. in Psychological Studies prepares students in various fields of psychology.  After graduation, students who complete their studies in the areas of school psychology, school counseling, marriage and family therapy, and mental health counseling can apply to related specialist programs that lead to certification or licensure in that particular field. The M.A. in Psychological Studies does not fulfill the academic requirements for any of the mental health licenses in New Jersey and is a strictly foundational degree to expose students to different fields in psychology.

Graduates of the program pursue employment in agencies, hospitals and clinics. Many students also choose to continue their education and apply to psychology doctoral programs after earning their master's degree.

How Graduates Have Benefited from the Program

“The M.A. in Psychological Studies at Seton Hall University combines psychological theory with the most effective, contemporary practice in its pursuit of preparing students for a career of enriching the lives of others. The program offers participants opportunities for professional networking and the development of relationships that will aid in the building of significant careers. Professors display a vast understanding of the specialized psychological areas, which they are furthering by effectively educating the future leaders of these fields. These goals are all accomplished with respect for diversity among the student body and lives that they intend to improve.”  -- Michael Vargas, M.A. '07, Current Student in Ed.S. (School and Community Psychology) program, Paraprofessional, Montclair Board of Education
“The M.A. in Psychological Studies program, with its special concentrations, prepared me to undertake studies in the Ed.S. in Mental Health Counseling program and the doctoral program in counseling psychology. The program also enabled me to gain practical experience as a trainee mental health professional. Both the professionalism and mentorship of the faculty and friendships formed with my fellow students during the program have been instrumental for my development in the mental health field, providing me with an experience that will remain with me for the rest of my life.” 

-- Innocent Okozi, M.A. '06, Second-Year Doctoral Student in Seton Hall's Counseling Psychology Program

Program Director:
Sandra Lee, Ph.D.

(973) 275-2734

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