College of Education and Human Services

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Goals: Outcome 1: Competence
  1. Candidates in Psychological Studies understand the basic research, theories, and applications in the core areas of psychological foundations of knowledge.
  2. Candidates know and can apply the theories associated with his or her content or professional area.
  3. Candidates know and can demonstrate the skills associated with organization and management.
  4. Candidates can translate theory into practice.
  5. Candidates demonstrate approaches to effective collaboration.
  6. Candidates know and use communication and interpersonal skills in a range of settings.
  7. Candidates build working connections with students/clients, parents, schools, and the community.
  8. Candidates collect, analyze, interpret data and apply results.
  9. Candidates know and apply their professional standards for planning and service to their students and/or clients.
  10. Candidates have the knowledge and skills to ethically use technology in support of their students and clients learning and development

Outcome 2: Social Consciousness
  1. Candidates are committed to serving as leaders that promote a positive learning environment for all people.
  2. Candidates are knowledgeable about diversity and demonstrate respect and valuing of difference.
  3. Candidates understand that a range of approaches in teaching, communication, and learning are required to effectively serve diverse populations in schools.
  4. Candidates know, understand, and apply the ethical standards and practices associated with their specific professional group.

Outcome 3: Reflection
  1. Candidates know and use introspection, self-awareness and a willingness to consider other perspectives as evaluative tools (risk taking) for the continued growth and development of their professional performance.

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