College of Education and Human Services

*Admission Suspended

General Approach
The Ph.D. in Family Psychology program integrates science and practice. Research is considered a significant component of the program. The development and demonstration of research competency culminating in original research is expected of every student. Admitted students are assigned a doctoral adviser and meet with this individual to develop a tentative program based on prior coursework and college and program requirements.

Degree Requirements (100 credits)

I. Foundations of Professional Practice in Psychology (44 credits)

A. Research and Statistics (17 credits)

B. Psychological Core (18 credits)

C. Systemic Core (9 credits)

II. Specialization Courses for a Major in Family Psychology (56 credits)

A. Core (24 credits)

B. Assessment (16 credits)

C. Clinical Training (10 credits)

D. Dissertation Advisement (a minimum of 6 credits)

For a complete listing of all coursework, please consult the catalogue.

Program Director:
Ben Beitin, Ph.D.

(973) 761-9451

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