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Seton Hall University offers a dual degree program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. This seven-year program offers physical therapy students an opportunity to study in a traditional liberal arts environment as well as a major healthcare organization.

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who examine, evaluate and treat people with health conditions resulting from injury or disease. They assist in the recovery process of their patients, making them stronger, relieving their pain, and helping them regain use of an affected limb or relearn activities of daily living such as walking or dressing. Physical therapy is a dynamic professional with an established theoretical base and widespread clinical applications in the preservation, development and restoration of optimal physical function. Every day, physical therapists in the United States help approximately one million people alleviate pain; prevent the onset and progression of impairment, functional limitation and health status resulting from injury disease or other causes; and restore, maintain and promote overall fitness and optimum quality of life as related to movement and health.

It also is important for physical therapists to assist patients in preventing injuries. Physical therapists teach patients the importance of fitness and show them how to avoid injuring their bodies. Physical therapists master the musculoskeletal system and create exercises and activities to suite each individual. Physical therapists may have specializations in one or more distinct areas, including cardiopulmonary, clinical electrophysiology, geriatrics and sports physical therapy. Physical therapy practice is centered on patient care and may include education, research and administrative activities.

Although a large number of physical therapists work in hospitals, how more than 60 percent can be found in private physical therapy offices, community health centers, corporate or industrial health centers, sports facilities, research institutions, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, schools, pediatric centers, and colleges and universities.


Admission to Seton Hall’s program is open to applicants who successfully complete a high school college preparatory curriculum, including courses in the social sciences, biology, mathematics, physics, English, a foreign language and chemistry. SAT scores are required of all applicants. International students must submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores.

Applicants are encouraged to volunteer or work under the supervision of a physical therapist in a local hospital or other healthcare setting to strengthen interpersonal skills and develop an understanding of the needs and capabilities of patients and the role of physical therapists.

The physical therapy program is unique because it accepts students for enrollment in the entire program. If you maintain the required GPA as an undergraduate, you are admitted into the final four years of professional studies.

Due to a limit on the number of physical therapy students in each entering freshman class, admission into the program is extremely selective and competitive.


All students in this program must fulfill the core requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences the departmental requirements for a degree in biology and the requirements for the physical therapy degree. Your advisers assist in planning a course of study to complete the program within the seven-year time span. 

Curriculum for the B.S. in Biology can be viewed here.

First Professional Year (27 credits)

Fall Semester (13 credits) Credits

Functional Human Anatomy 3
Surface Anatomy and Palpation 1
Human Physiology 3
Physical Therapy Roles/Health Care  2
Motor Control Principles 2
Clinical Skills I                                      2

Spring Semester (12 credits)

Neuroscience  3
Clinical Skills II  3
Kinesiology 3
Therapeutic Modalities 3

Contact an Adviser:
Dr. Gerald Ruscingno
Program Director for Biology Dual-Degree Programs
College of Arts and Sciences
(973) 275-2015
Web: Bachelor of Science in Biology program

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