School of Health and Medical Sciences
Learning Team Experiences

LT 30, March 2011A New Beginning
Members of the newly formed Learning Team 30 met for the first time. Together they learned about the foundations of healthcare systems and listened to faculty and alumni talk about the opportunities and challenges of being part of the healthcare industry, as well as how they could make a difference in their communities while advancing their careers. They concluded the Orientation Residency eager to begin their online education.

MHA LT 28, March 2011The Race to the Halfway Mark
Meeting as a Learning Team for the second time since their initial orientation residency, LT 28 students came together for their Mid-Residency. After warm greetings, students focused on healthcare policy and the Healthcare Reform Act before using their avatars in a virtual world to see how prepared they were for an emergency event. Prof. David Gourley and Anna Pence, two MHA alumni, shared with the group their expertise as healthcare leaders. Students also gained experience speaking in front of an audience and receiving feedback from their fellow classmates – as well as the enjoyment of laughter, friendship, good food and spending time on Seton Hall University's campus.

As One Chapter Closes, Another Begins
We celebrated the graduation of the 21 students in Learning Team 25 during their final residency. The Valedictorian, Valerie Pierson, MHA '10, spoke at the graduation ceremony about the healthcare industry needing "strong leaders like us to help organizations turn risks into opportunities, implement strategies to manage resistance, and accept change." Valerie, who leads the internal audit and prospective payment system program at John Heinz Institute of Rehabilitative Medicine in Wilkes Barre, PA, also noted that learning online had no boundaries, and was flexible to meet the students' needs in an environment of mutual respect, learning and leadership.

What Our Alumni Are Saying

"The online MHA curriculum afforded me the opportunity to learn both fine detail and the global overview that is so important to the contemporary healthcare executive. It was a wonderful learning experience. Being able to meet my classmates face-to-face and to share real-life experiences truly created a strong sense of teamwork. Everyone became such a part of each other's lives. Although the courses were tough, they were also relevant to the challenges we face every day. The professors truly cared about each of us as individuals, and knowing my MHA is from a top-rated academic school like Seton Hall University is the epitome of excellence."

-Tracy Brand RN, JD, MHA '07

"My educational experience in the online MHA program was intellectually stimulating and personally fulfilling. As a mid-career professional and mother, I feared that the decision to return to school to obtain my master's degree would be too great a responsibility. Yet, the program's flexibility enabled me to simultaneously earn a degree, work full time and raise a family. Professionally, this degree has been invaluable. I was able to hone my strategic planning and critical thinking skills."

-Jan Murphy, MHA '06
Pharmaceutical Lab Services Supervisor

"I was one-dimensional in thinking that nursing was the most important part of healthcare. My classmates and instructors, who were from all areas of healthcare, helped me to see the global picture and how we all work together to provide the highest quality of healthcare services."

-Laurie Allen, MHA '05
Nurse Manager
Phoenix VA Hospital

"The MHA online program at Seton Hall has enabled me to question current practices to find better alternatives by cultivating my critical-thinking skills and evidence-based methods for decision-making. These skills have proved to be essential for maximizing the quality and effectiveness of my performance within my organization and profession."

-Karen Liszner, CRRN, MHA '04
Vice President & Director, Nursing and Ancillary Services
Kessler Rehabilitation Institute

Patrick McDermott, M.A.

Director of Graduate Admissions (SHMS)
(973) 275-2062

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