School of Health and Medical Sciences

The MHA curriculum prepares students for career advancement by providing in-depth application of contemporary health policy and health management issues and situations. MHA students apply their newly acquired knowledge immediately.

Coursework and Intensives

The 42-credit online MHA program, offered exclusively in Learning Teams, provides a challenging and unique curriculum, delivered online sequentially in six semesters. The program also requires three in-person, five-day Intensives (previously known as Residencies), which afford you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with professors and your peers in the program.

Semester I and
Orientation Intensive/Residency
HCAD 7521 Healthcare Systems (Orientation Intensive)
HCAD 6002 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis
HCAD 7513 Healthcare Management


Semester IIHCAD 6005 Financial Management and Control
HCAD 7514 Financial Management and Accounting
Semester III
HCAD 7518 Community Healthcare
HCAD 8514 Healthcare Economics
Semester IV and Mid Intensive/ResidencyHCAD 8521 MIS/Quality and Performance Management
HCAD 7522 Healthcare Policy (Mid Intensive)
HCAD 8531 Managing Emergency Preparedness

Semester V
HCAD 8518 Legal Issues and Human Resources
HCAD 8517 Strategic Planning and Marketing
Semester VI and
Final Intensive/Residency
HCAD 8523 Ethics
HCAD 7997 Capstone Project
HCAD 8711 Leadership Institute (Final Intensive)

Concentration Specialty with Capstone Experience:
Designating an area of interest and building upon that interest through specialized study, students complete a 3-credit course culminating in a final paper presented at the final residency. The completed project affords students an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to their organization and their profession.

Note: The same MHA curriculum is offered on campus for students who prefer to study in a traditional classroom setting.

Online Program Intensives

The MHA program is an online degree program with three required in-person five-day Intensives (previously called Residencies), at the beginning, middle and end of the 24-month program. During the Intensives, students complete an MHA course, hear presentations from faculty and healthcare executives, and network with MHA students and alumni.

  • Orientation Intensive/Residency: Students take HCAD 7521 Introduction to Healthcare Systems. They learn how to use Blackboard, the online classroom system, as well as Seton Hall's online library and other online resources that will help them succeed in an online learning environment.
  • Mid Intensive/Residency: Students take HCAD 7522 Healthcare Policy. They become avatars on "Pirate Island" in a Second Life exercise for HCAD 8531 Managing Emergency Preparedness, the course that follows this residency.
  • Final Intensive/Residency: Students complete HCAD 8711 Leadership Institute and present their Capstone projects. They also enjoy some graduation celebrations.

The Online MHA tuition includes the three Intensives, which take place on campus and at a hotel near Seton Hall University's South Orange Campus. Click here for tuition and fees information.

The "PSMA" course designation has been changed to HCAD as of Fall 2011.

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions can be found in the Graduate Catalogue or by clicking here.

Academic Policy

In order to ensure that the School graduates competent and ethical practitioners, the School of Health and Medical Sciences faculty, in conjunction with the Dean's Office, developed the Academic Performance Standards Policy and Student Performance Review Committee Procedures (PDF). The form for student requests to appeal to the Student Performance Review Committee is available here »

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Director of Graduate Admissions (SHMS)
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