School of Health and Medical Sciences
Application Deadline:  February 1
  1. Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a four-point scale.
  2. Completion of each of the following prerequisites with a grade of "C" or better:
  • an English Composition course
  • a Statistics course
  • a course in a Social or Behavioral Science
    [Typically these include courses in psychology, sociology, or cultural anthropology]
  • a course in a Biological or Life Science
    [Typically a course in biology, ecology, genetics, botany, nutrition, or zoology]
  • a course in a Natural or Physical Science
    [Typically a course in physics, chemistry, geology, astronomy, or meteorology]
  1. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores (taken within the past five years)

Student must read, sign, understand and meet the Standards of Essential Functions of the School of Health and Medical Sciences and the MSSLP program. (Note: to download a copy of this file right-click on the title and save as to your computer.)

  1. For applicants with an undergraduate major other than in speech-language pathology (communication sciences and disorders), completion of the following 6 pre-professional courses (18 credits) with a grade of "B" or better.  For applicants with an undergraduate major in Speech-Language Pathology, the content of coursework must be equivalent to the 6 courses listed below, with a grade of "B" or better.
  • Introduction to Communication Disorders GMSL-5007 offered fall semester only.
    This course provides the student with the introduction to the various disorders of the speech and language mechanisms that speech-language pathologists assess and treat (3 credits).
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech & Swallowing Mechanism GMSL-5005 offered fall semester only.
    Basic foundation of anatomy and physiology of the speech swallowing and hearing mechanisms and related systems in the context of application to clinical practice (3 credits).
  • Fundamentals of Sound and the Auditory System GMSL-5006 offered spring semester only.
    Basic foundation in the anatomy and physiology of the auditory mechanism, basic acoustic principles, physics of sound and speech perception (3 credits).
  • Introduction to Language Development GMSL-5003 offered spring semester only.
    This course presents the basic foundation of language development, the processes underlying language development and related theoretical foundations.  Language development is presented within the broader context of child development, with an emphasis on the early years (3 credits).
  • Phonetics GMSL-5001 offered summer semester only.
    Introduction to the field of phonetics, including general phonetics, acoustic phonetics and phonetic transcription (International Phonetic Alphabet).  Provides basic understanding of the production and acoustic characteristics of the consonants and vowels of American English.  Addresses segmental and suprasegmental properties of spoken language (3 credits).
  • Introduction to Audiology GMSL-5004 offered summer semester only.
    This course provides an overview of the important concepts and principle tests used in clinical audiology.  Common pathologies of the auditory system and associated audiometric data are also emphasized (3 credits).

Please note that all prerequisite courses must be completed no earlier than 10 years prior to the application date.

  1. Three letters of recommendation should be from academic and/or clinical/fieldwork professors and supervisors.
  2. Completed admission application with a personal statement (maximum of 1000 words).
  3. Twenty-five (25) hours of observation with an ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP). 
  4. If English is not the native language, a student must submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Score Report documenting a paper-based score of 550 or above, a computer-based score of 213 or above, or an internet-based score of 79 or above.

Information regarding the application process may be obtained from the department secretary at (973)-275-2825 or

Collaborative PhD Program

Faculty from the Department of Speech-Language Pathology support the Speech-Language Pathology specialization track within the PhD in Health Sciences program, offered by the Department of Graduate Programs in Health Sciences at the School of Health and Medical Sciences (SHMS). Core courses in this PhD program are taught by faculty throughout SHMS. Find out more about the PhD program >>

Department Secretary:
Nancy Gonzalez

(973) 275-2825

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