School of Health and Medical Sciences

Residents have one month of rotation time to pursue research projects in neuroscience. Every resident is strongly encouraged to submit a manuscript prior to graduation. The New Jersey Neuroscience Institute at JFK Medical Center is currently conducting a range of research projects, including clinical trials. These trials include multiple trials in:
•    stroke (neuroprotectants, intraarterial +PA, antioxidants);
•    epilepsy (new drugs, vagal nerve stimulators);
•    brain tumors (Phase II and III studies in gliomas, quality of life studies);
•    movement disorders (RLS and Parkinson’s disease); and
•    other ongoing studies.

Basic research is conducted in molecular gene expression in epilepsy, ocular-motor physiology, pupillomotor physiology, vestibular physiology, functional MRI and signal analysis applied to EEG.

Program Director:
Philip Hanna, M.D.

(732) 632-1685

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