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Nonprofit orAudrey Winkler, Director, NSRIganizations, their leaders and boards are under the microscope. They are being tested for sustainability as never before. Demand for services has increased and funding resources are constrained. Calls for accountability and transparency require greater technical knowledge and more intricacy for directors and managers to respond to their constituents as well as funders.  

Since 2005, The Nonprofit Sector Resource Institute has focused on education, training, and conferences on perennial issues and emerging trends in operations, management and leadership. The NSRI has evolved and consistently responded to meet the needs of the nonprofit organizations, corporations and individuals active in the sector.  

As always, nonprofits today advocate for creativity, social justice, responsiveness and empathy. More recently that list has included improvements in governance, streamlined operations, strategic programmatic priorities, communications and technology, within the four walls of their domains and in transactions with clients, attendees, supporters, neighbors and other external audiences. 

These best practices are at the heart of the NSRI. We invite you to become better acquainted with the Board Leadership Institute, the Nonprofit Financial Management Program, and our workshops.  

You may keep current with our events and stay current with news in the nonprofit sector by subscribing to our communications and reading our blog

I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at an upcoming event. 

Audrey Winkler, Director
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