College of Nursing
Curriculum - B.S.N. Accelerated Program

All Seton Hall Nursing curricula are subject to change and you are encouraged to verify this information in the undergraduate catalog. Students in the Accelerated Second Degree B.S.N. program will have a slightly modified curriculum plan since they need to take courses during the summer session.

Accelerated Second Degree B.S.N. Curriculum - 61 Total Credits


Semester One

NUTH 1101 Introduction to Professional Nursing 3 Credits
NUTH 2003 Pathophysiology 3 Credits
NUTC 2011 Health Assessment 3 Credits
NUTH 3010 Pharmacological Therapies 3 Credits
NUTC 2102 Nursing Therapeutics 2 Credits
NUTH 1003 Culture and Health 3 Credits

Semester Two

NUTH 3002 Gerontological Nursing 2 Credits
NUTC 3915 Dimensions of Psychosocial Nursing 5 Credits
NUTC 3113 Adult Nursing I 5 Credits
NUTH 3003 Research in Nursing 3 Credits

Semester Three

NUTC 3915 Maternal Newborn Nursing 5 Credits
NUTC 3916 Child and Family Nursing 5 Credits
NUTC 3917 Acute Adult Nursing 5 Credits

Semester Four

NUTC 4019 Synthesis Practicum 5 Credits
NUTC 4118 Community Health Perspectives 5 Credits
NUTH 4001 Leadership, Management and Trends in Nursing 3 Credits
NUTH 2002 Legal Aspects of Nursing 1 Credit


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