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Careers - Clinical Nurse Leader Program
Graduates of our Clinical Nurse Leader program – the first entry-level program of its kind in New Jersey – will be able to work anywhere licensed RNs work.They will likely begin their career in an entry-level position, but will be able to navigate into the C.N.L. role once they get some experience as a licensed registered nurse.

The C.N.L. is a provider and manager of care at the point of care to individuals and cohorts of patients anywhere healthcare is delivered. Fundamental aspects of C.N.L. practice include: 

  • Clinical leadership for patient-care practices and delivery, including the design, coordination, and evaluation of care for individuals, families, groups, and populations; 
  • Participation in identification and collection of care outcomes; 
  • Accountability for evaluation and improvement of point-of-care outcomes, including the synthesis of data and other evidence to evaluate and achieve optimal outcomes; 
  • Risk anticipation for individuals and cohorts of patients; 
  • Lateral integration of care for individuals and cohorts of patients 
  • Design and implementation of evidence-based practice(s); 
  • Team leadership, management and collaboration with other health professional team members; 
  • Information management or the use of information systems and technologies to improve healthcare outcomes; 
  • Stewardship and leveraging of human, environmental, and material resources; and, 
  • Advocacy for patients, communities, and the health professional team.
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