College of Nursing
Curriculum - Clinical Nurse Leader

General Approach
Classes and clinical experience cover all areas of nursing practice with a particular emphasis placed on evidence-based approaches. Eight clinical role development courses are a central part of the program, providing students with the theoretical grounding and clinical experience needed to care for patients in a variety of circumstances: from the childbearing family to the critically ill patient.

The final semester consists of an intensive clinical experience to further develop professional leadership and clinical skills. A variety of hospitals and community agencies, inculding the VA system, the Visiting Nurse Service of Central Jersey, provide C.N.L. students with the best possible learning experiences in all areas of nursing practice.

Graduation requirements include the completion of the 80-credit curriculum in academic good standing with grades of C+ (77) or better in each course and the completion of a comprehensive nursing examination. Upon completion of the program, students will take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-R.N.). Additionally, students will take the Clinical Nurse Leader certification exam from the Commission on Nurse Certification, an autonomous arm of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

Coursework - Classes Are On Campus

Year 1 Fall - 16 Credits

NULD 6001 Introduction to Nursing Leadership in Healthcare
NULD 6005 Health Assessment and Clinical Skills
NULD 6010 Clinical Role Development I: Nursing Care of Adults and the Aged
NULD 6015 Pathophysiology
NULD 6020 Pharmacology  

Year 1 Spring  - 18 Credits

NULD 6200 Leading Healthcare Teams
NULD 6203 Clinical Role Development II: Nursing Care of Persons with Psychiatric Illness
NULD 6206 Clinical Role Development III: Nursing Care of Adults with Acute Health Problems
NULD 6209 Ethical Issues in Nursing and Healthcare
NULD 6212 Theory and Evidence-Based Practice

Year 1 Summer - 12 Credits

NULD 6300 Clinical Role Development IV: Nursing Care of Childrearing Families
NULD 6305 Clinical Role Development V: Nursing Care of Childbearing Families
NULD 6315 Legal Aspects of Nursing
NULD 6310 End of Life Care 

Year 2 Fall - 13 Credits

NULD 6400 Clinical Role Development VI: Community Health Nursing
NULD 6405 Clinical Role Development VII: Nursing Care of Critically Ill Individuals
NULD 6124 Forces in Healthcare  

Year 2 Spring - 11 Credits

NULD 6500 Clinical Role Development VIII: Synthesis Practicum
NULD 6505 Organization of Healthcare Environments
NULD 6510 Epidemiology & World Health 

Year 3 Summer - 10 Credits

NULD 6600 Clinical Nurse Leader in Healthcare
NULD 6605 Clinical Nurse Leader Capstone Practicum 

Graduate in August of Year 2

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