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ThNursing badgeis practice-focused doctoral program will prepare nursing leaders for the highest level of nursing practice. Throughout the program, students will develop the clinical, organizational, economic and leadership skills necessary to design and implement programs of care delivery which significantly impact healthcare outcomes and have the potential to transform healthcare delivery. Graduates with this terminal practice degree will be prepared for roles in direct care or indirect, systems-focused care.

The D.N.P. is a 31+ credit program for the student who has completed an M.S.N. degree with a major in Direct Care or Indirect Care and is 73-79 credits for the post- B.S.N. applicant. All courses can be taken online. The program prepares graduates to improve the health care of diverse populations through the application of research, analysis of healthcare systems and leadership in development of practice models, health policy and standards of care.

Direct Care – Advanced Practice Nurse 

The M.S.N. to D.N.P. program for Advanced Practice Nurses, those nurses who are post-graduate and are already working with patients requires a total of 1,000 clinical hours (previously-completed master's hours may be applied to this total). These nurses include nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, certified nurse midwives, and/or clinical nurse specialists. Seton Hall will work with students to obtain appropriate clinical experiences. Moreover, Dr. Mary Ellen Roberts, the D.N.P. program director, will work with each student to ensure their Scholarly Project directly relates to nursing practice.

Indirect Care - Administration and Leadership

The M.SN. to D.N.P. program for those in indirect care or systems-focused roles also require 1,000 clinical hours (again, previously completed hours may be applied to this total). These nurses include those focused on aggregates, systems or organizations. Dr. Mary Ellen Roberts, the D.N.P. program director, works closely with students as they prepare their Scholarly Project.

Sharon Venino
Assistant Program Director

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