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Branding 101:  Dare to Be Different

Create a brand story and experience
that sets you apart from the competition

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  • Do small businesses need "branding"?
  • What is a brand promise and how do you keep it?
  • What does it take to create a brand?
  • When and why should you spend your time branding?
  • Who controls your brand?



Don't take this workshop unless you:

  1. Are ready for a long term commitment to your organization, product or idea
  2. Understand the power of differentiating yourself from your competitors
  3. Want the opportunity to focus your energy on the most profitable marketing activities
  4. Need help describing your brand in a compelling and impactful way
  5. Want tools to support your branding

In four short hours, we'll discuss and practice what you need to know about yourself, and what your customers need to hear that has value and longevity.You'll decide what you want to mean to your customers and select the 3-5 most important messages to deliver to persuade people to engage.You'll learn how to be consistent and efficient in your communications across advertising, PR, direct mail and social media.Best of all, you'll walk away with templates to get started reinforcing your brand and delivering clear messages by Monday morning.

This workshop will help you:

  • Learn how to identify and articulate your brand promise and its value
  • Evaluate which features and benefits are most important to customers
  • Align your business goals and capabilities with your customers' needs
  • Find inspiration for writing compelling headlines, subheads and body copy

Intended Audience

This course is designed to benefit small business owners in charge of marketing, advertising, PR and/or promotion; employees who want to make themselves indispensable; students who are interested in a crash-course in communications; and entrepreneurs who need to explain their business in new and compelling ways.


Jeanine Moss is a branding and marketing strategist who has also been a business owner, publisher, journalist, media relations director, digital communicator, advertising copywriter, media buyer, membership marketer, and strategic communications advisor to the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel & Readiness.  Moss is also the founder and president of Turning Point Solutions, Inc., providing brand-building services and solving tough business challenges through vision and innovative communications for clients like Hewlett-Packard, The September 11th Fund, New York City, United Way, Lighthouse International, and other technology, healthcare, association and non-profit organizations.

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