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Business and Professional Writing will teach you how to improve the tone, style, and format of your writing so you can craft more professional workplace communications.

Program Description

Whether our work space is an office, cubicle or couch with a laptop, phone or yellow pad, we all represent ourselves "textually" every day. Increasingly, as the dividing line between career and home life disappears, so does the time we have to craft the many messages we write that convey who we are to our colleagues and our superiors on a daily basis.Knowing how to approach difficult writing situations, how to keep a potential customer engaged on the page, and how to strike the right tone in your writing can eliminate frustration and add value to your work.

Topics Covered

  • Standard business formats for a variety of communications
  • Common writing pitfalls
  • Self-editing techniques
  • Approaches for difficult or negative messages
  • How to revise content to persuade and engage the reader


As a participant, you will:

  • Review standard business formats for writing e-mails, memos, formal letters, and reports
  • Discuss contemporary business English, common writing pitfalls, and self-editing techniques
  • Learn simpler ways to make your writing more visually appealing
  • Spend time discussing and critiquing real life examples of workplace writing
  • Have the opportunity to practice writing in a non-threatening environment

Following the workshop, you will:

  • Be equipped with the skills that you need to create routine or specialized documents for work
  • Have the opportunity to receive individual feedback

Intended Audience

Professionals who wish to improve their writing skills or who find themselves writing to newer and different markets will benefit from this course.


Patrice Thoms-Cappello has been writing and teaching writing for more than 30 years. As a writer, she has worked in various print media including newspapers, public relations offices, university development, and grant writing. As a teacher and professor of English, she teaches business, technical, scientific and academic writing. Dr. Thoms-Cappello is a member of the Freshman Writing Program at Seton Hall and holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from Drew University.

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