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Continuing Education Units/Continuing Professional Education Units

The Definition of a Continuing Education Unit (CEU)
One CEU is defined as ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction and qualified instruction. Ten hours of instruction = 1.0 CEU. One hour of instruction = 0.1 CEU. This unit represents the amount of participation in continuing education and an individual can accumulate such units over a period of time. The CEU can be computed for all formats and durations of continuing education programming wherever contact hours or their equivalent can be determined. Partial units may be recorded as called for by taking advantage of the decimal nature of the system of measurement (i.e., a 28-hour activity would provide 2.8 CEUs).

Awarding of continuing education units
Seton Hall awards CEUs to individuals who have successfully completed selected noncredit continuing education programs offered by the university. The CEU is designed to give recognition to individuals continuing their education and keeping up-to-date in their chosen fields by participating in Seton Hall noncredit programs.

Why obtain CEUs?
Continuing Education Units provide the following benefits:

  • Documents the educational workshops, conferences and other professional development events taken by participants
  • Provides a record of accumulated CEU credits earned and of learning outside of formal educational programs
  • Provides current or potential employers with evidence of specialized training for job maintenance, career advancement or job applications
  • Provides official documentation for professional organizations who determine placement on salary scale based on keeping current in the field
  • Provides documentation of training or learning required for local, state, or national certification in some professional organizations

Determination of CEUs awarded
The determination of the number of CEUs to be granted and awarded for a particular educational experience is at the discretion of the Dean of the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies based upon the recommendations of the program director and/or instructor responsible for the format and content of the learning activity and/or the academic department Dean. The number of units will be determined by considering the number of contact hours in a formal learning situation and the evaluation of any other experiences related to the program. Allowances may be made for activities such as required reports, laboratory assignments, field trips, and supervised study.

How do programs qualify for CEUs
For a specific program or course to be eligible for approval of CEUs, the program: 

  • Must be planned to fulfill a specific educational need
  • Must have a clear purpose and objective 
  • Must have qualified instructional personnel directly involved in conducting the educational activity
  • Must have specific performance requirements for the awarding of CEUs established prior to the offering of the program 
  • Must have an evaluation process

What are the guidelines and procedures for obtaining CEU qualification?

  • All programs receiving CEUs must be educational and held in an organized, structured setting
  • Course approval must be granted by the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies prior to the CEUs being advertised. A Continuing Education Unit Approval Form must be completed by the individual or department requesting the CEUs.  A complete agenda, brief vitas on instructors, program information, sample evaluation form, and any other pertinent material should be attached.  
  • The number of CEUs awarded is determined by the actual instructional time. Registration periods, breaks, and lunches are excluded.  CEUs are awarded based on one CEU for 10 instructional hours. Six hours will earn 0.6 CEU’s while 10 contact hours will earn one CEU. A part of an hour cannot be counted. The number of CEUs to be awarded will be determined by the Dean of the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies based on the program agenda. 

The following questions must be answered in the affirmative before consideration can be given to awarding units

  • Does the program meet the requirements of being an organized continuing education experience?
  • Does the program have qualified instruction and direction to assure that the educational objectives will be fulfilled? 
  • Will a record of the units awarded be of value to the participants?

Administration and record-keeping
The administration of this program is done by the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies and the records will be kept in that office. The forms to be used in the administration of this program are as follows:

  • Application for Assignment of Continuing Education Units for Noncredit Activity 
  • Participant Information Form for Granting Continuing Education Units
  • Continuing Education Unit Certificates

Process for obtaining approval for a CEU Program

  • Send completed CEU application form to the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies (A new form must be completed each time the program is held).
  • One copy of approved CEU application form and one original participant information form will be returned to individual 
  • Make copies of the participant information form for the participants to complete 
  • Mail or fax completed participant information forms to the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies 
  • CEU certificates signed by the dean of the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies will be distributed to the participants who successfully complete the entire program

CEUs for Seton Hall programs include, but are not limited to

  1. Noncredit courses, seminars, or workshops in technical and professional areas 
  2. In-service training programs on new techniques or in technical area
  3. Programs to be used in partial fulfillment of certificate of licensing requirements
  4. Programs offered in cooperation with technical or industrial societies through the university designed to upgrade members in occupational or technical areas
  5. General education courses or workshops or symposia for the general public
  6. Paraprofessional or vocational training programs

The following types of programs are not awarded Continuing Education Units

  1. Programs leading to high school equivalency certificates or diplomas
  2. Orientation programs
  3. Short duration programs only casually related to any specific upgrading purpose or goal 
  4. Some academic credit courses, such as undergraduate core classes

Continuing Education Unit Transcript
A cumulative record of an individual’s CEU transcript (listing all the CEU credits earned) is kept by the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies after an initial application has been processed. Records of continuing education for participants are updated as applications are processed. Records include the following information about the educational event(s) for which the individual is awarded CEUs:

  • Event name (s)
  • Event dates and total hours involved
  • The name of the instructor 
  • The amount of CEU credit(s) earned

All CEU records are treated as confidential documents and access to the records is restricted. No record is issued to a third party without the written request of the transcript holder.

Continuing Education Unit Certificate of Completion
Certificates of Completion are issued per event and include the same information as the record.

Application for CEU Credits
If the training has been approved by Seton Hall as eligible for CEU credit, and the individual successfully completes the continuing education program, the participant requests for a Certificate of Completion which documents the CEUs that have been earned. The individual must apply as soon as possible after the event is over. To apply, a Continuing Education Unit Application Form, distributed at the event with the signature of the instructor and signed by the participant attesting that they completed the program must be submitted to the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies. Seton Hall University reserves the right to determine the amount of CEU credit awarded after considering each CEU application.

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