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Reputation is Forever:  Crisis Communications 101

Protect your business when disaster or scandal hits

Date:  March 22
Time:  9:00am-1:00pm
Location:  Seton Hall University
Tuition:  $129 workshop; $299 for 3 Workshops in Public Relations


  • Did you know that even a minor crisis like an employee arrest or a negative rumor about your business can seriously affect sales?
  • How would you restore business if you were affected by a disaster like Superstorm Sandy?
  • What would you do if a partner or employee was caught in a scandal?


What if a gas line exploded or a fire was to affect your business? If you're not prepared with who would handle it and what they'd say, your business is vulnerable.Join us in this introduction to crisis and issues management and explore what can go wrong, how to handle it, and start building your own issues management manual.

Program Description

What would you do if an employee was caught up in a sex scandal? Would you be ready to face the cameras? Business protection isn't just about buying insurance; it's also about insuring that you know what to say and do when an issue threatens to disrupt your business and create negative sentiments among your customers.Have you taken the time to sit down and consider what could go wrong in your business and how you would communicate with employees, customers, vendors, partners and the media should disaster strike?

In this four hour introductory workshop – two hours of discussion and two hours of hands-on break-out sessions – we'll discuss the types of disruptions you might face, the warning signs of impending crisis and the distinct steps you need to consider before you make any moves. You'll come away knowing how to identify a pending emergency, how to educate your employees to keep your response on track, how to use a crisis to your business advantage, when and where to seek expert help, and with an outline of an issues management "bible" to ensure that you have your plan updated and handy at all times.

Topics Covered

  • How to anticipate the crises that could affect your business
  • Identifying spokespeople and the chain of command
  • How to act and what to say when crisis strikes
  • When to be proactive and when to be reactive
  • How crisis can actually help your business


This workshop will equip you to:

  • Anticipate unforeseen emergencies
  • Learn how to be prepared for (almost) any business emergency
  • Create your own issues management "bible"
  • Identify critical resources for handling issues


Following the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the potential business impact of a crisis
  • Educate your employees on what to do when trouble starts
  • Evaluate and use resources wisely
  • Feel confident about your ability to minimize business disruption

Intended Audience

  • Business leaders who need a crisis/issues management plan
  • Anyone who wants to be proactive about managing potentially disruptive issues
  • Communicators who want to learn more about crisis communications/issues management


Jeanine Moss is a branding and marketing strategist who has also been a business owner, publisher, journalist, media relations director, digital communicator, advertising copywriter, media buyer, membership marketer, and strategic communications advisor to the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel & Readiness.  Moss is also the founder and president of Turning Point Solutions, Inc., providing brand-building services and solving tough business challenges through vision and innovative communications programs for clients like Hewlett-Packard, The September 11th Fund, New York City, United Way, Lighthouse International, and other technology, healthcare, association and non-profit organizations.

Irene Maslowski is the President of Maslowski & Associates, a public relations consultancy in Roseland, N.J. She has handled strategic public relations, media relations and crisis communications for corporate and non-profit organizations in health care, government, education, business-to-business and has facilitated training workshops on crisis at Duke University's Corporate Education Program and at the National League of Cities' Annual Conference in Washington D.C.

She is a past president of both the New York City Chapter and New Jersey Chapters of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and in 2011 was elected to the Public Relations Society of America's College of Fellows. She is currently completing a masters degree in communications management at Syracuse University.

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