Continuing Education and Professional Studies
Philip DiSalvio, Ed.D. Director, SetonWorldWide

SetonWorldWide embodies Seton Hall University’s commitment to quality learning and developing servant leaders in a global society. As the university’s online campus, SetonWorldWide works collaboratively with on-campus academic programs developing and supporting online degree and certificate programs.

The SetonWorldWide programs are for busy professionals who can benefit from "anytime, anywhere" education. The programs are designed for professionals who have demonstrated significant achievement in their respective fields, and who have the ability, desire, and dedication to accept the rigors of a fast-paced, challenging curriculum, balance the demands of myriad personal and professional commitments, and maintain high standards of integrity and productivity.  

As a member of a dynamic learning team - you, your fellow students, and the faculty – will form close working relationships that are key to the rich and dynamic online learning experience. Each participant is a vital link in the overall success of this effort, and each is expected to demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence and integrity. Students are the core of our learning community. As a member of a dynamic learning team, you will interact continually and consistently with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. The several on-campus weekend residencies afford students and faculty face to face opportunities for interaction. You'll get to know one another and work together - sharing backgrounds, professional experiences, and different values and you will find that lifelong professional and personal networks take place.  

As pioneers in online education, we understand and nurture the learning needs of the working professional. Our guiding principle is simple …a quality educational experience that accommodates the busy lifestyle.  In an environment where lifelong learning needs, career demands and personal commitments often collide, earning your educational credential online may well be the answer.  

I invite you to explore these opportunities with us as you start your journey upward toward reaching their lifetime goals. Your career and personal aspirations  are within reach.  

Philip DiSalvio, Ed.D.
Director, SetonWorldWide

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