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Critical Negotiating Skills for Women: Capitalizing on Your Unique Strengths

Dates: Closed for Spring registration.  Fall date coming soon!
Time: TBD
Location: South Orange Campus, Jubilee Hall, Room TBD
Tuition: $95

We all know that negotiation dynamics change depending on who is in a room. Two men, two women, a man and a woman—each situation requires different tactics. This workshop is designed specifically for women, teaching a unique “Influencing Method” that will make you rethink everything that you thought that you knew. Even very successful women don’t always realize their astonishing negotiating potential. You’ll learn to recognize and maximize the distinct strengths you bring to the table.

Learn from Harvard Law School graduate and Managing Director of, Lee E. Miller. Based on Miller’s acclaimed book A Woman’s Guide to Successful Negotiating, this course teaches the “3 Cs”: Convince, Collaborate and Create. Unlike the usual training, this method builds on women’s unique skills and capabilities. We will provide specific tools that you can apply to both rare and everyday negotiations.

Learn how gender differences impact negotiations and avoid the most common mistakes made by women. Understand the elements of successful negotiations, like anchoring and legitimacy, and put them to work for you. Discover your individual negotiating style in highly interactive class sessions. Improve your real-world skills with practical examples and in-class negotiations.

Next time you step into the negotiation room, you’ll be prepared to convince, collaborate, and create with maximum impact.

Program Outline:

Introductory Remarks
What is Negotiating?

Negotiating Differences Between Men and Women

  • Understanding the different ways men and women react to various negotiating approaches
  • Communicating effectively with members of each sex for maximum impact
  • Understanding the differences in the ways men and women are perceived and how that translates when negotiating

Negotiating Styles

  • The importance of balancing outcome and relationship
  • Understanding your own style
  • Dealing with gender based expectations

Adopting the Right Negotiating Attitude

  • Often it is not skills but rather attitude that holds women back.
  • Developing the right attitude

The U Perspective from a Woman’s Perspective

  • What is the U Perspective?
  • Why do women need to embrace it?

Overview of the 3 Cs (Convince, Collaborate, and Create) Negotiating Method

  • Three different approaches women can use when they negotiate
  • Determining when to use each approach
  • Using tools and techniques outside your comfort zone

Active Listening and Purposeful Questioning

  • To gather information
  • When others are not sharing their true interests
  • Using questions to persuade

Why Women Don’t Anchor

  • What is anchoring?
  • Why are women uncomfortable anchoring
  • How does not anchoring hurt women

Creating Legitimacy for Women

  • What is legitimacy?
  • Why do women need to create legitimacy for themselves
  • How to project legitimacy

Why Virtual Negotiating Can be Effective for Women

  • What is virtual negotiating and why is it different
  • Why is virtual negotiating important for women
  • Selecting and controlling the communication medium
  • Maximizing your effectiveness when negotiating virtually

Avoiding Common Negotiating Mistakes that Women Make

  • The ten most common negotiating mistakes women make.
  • How to avoid them.

Dealing with Difficult Male Negotiators

  • What are the things men do to undermine women when they negotiate.
  • How should you respond when men try to undermine you

Questions & Wrap Up

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