Continuing Education and Professional Studies
“Who’s in Charge Here?”: A Systemic Theory of Parenting

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Time: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Seton Hall University, Main Campus

There are numerous articles and books written about family functioning and parenting techniques.  However, little has been written specifically about theories of how to parent.  During this workshop, sponsored by the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies in partnership with the College of Education and Human Services, a theory of parenting, based on the concepts of the family emotional system and intense emotion often seen in human behavior, will be presented. The theory and concepts are rooted in the ideas and works of systemic therapists, Murray Bowen, M.D., and David Schnarch, Ph.D. The presenter will describe core concepts of his theory, including the goal of raising well-differentiated children, the emotional challenge that children present to parents, the necessity of consistent responses by parents, and the relevance of these issues for parents and clinicians.  Participants will learn how to utilize the theory to inform their clinical work with families with children. Techniques for parents to lower reactivity will be discussed, with a focus on the ways that the techniques embody the theory and how the concept of differentiation can provide direction and support to parents.  Participants will acquire knowledge of how to convey this information to parents as well as guide parents in developing appropriate responses to their children’s challenging behavior.

Upon completion of this workshop you will earn five CEUs, approved for continuing education for marriage and family therapists, alcohol and drug counselors, social workers, and professional counselors!

About the Instructor

After becoming an ordained Presbyterian minister, serving as a Campus Minister at Iowa State University, working as an alcoholism counselor in a rehab, James Verser, M.Div., M.S., Ed.S., LMFT, moved to NJ to become a family therapist.  He started his private practice in Hunterdon County in 1980 and, after getting his Ed.S. from Seton Hall University, became a licensed MFT in 1984.  He served NJAMFT in several capacities including, Vice-President of Central Chapter, President of Central Chapter, President-Elect, and President.  He also served 14 years as a member of the New Jersey Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners, serving as Chair for eight of those years before resigning in 2011.  For 12 years, he was a board delegate to the Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards (AMFTRB), which owns, writes, and manages the marriage and family therapy licensing exam, and served as Treasurer of AMFTRB for five years.  In addition to these professional activities, Jim’s passion has been helping his clients become healthier, higher functioning, and more satisfied with their lives.  His theory of parenting developed over the course of more than 30 years of being afraid that he would “fail” his clients.  He is excited to be able to share these ideas today.

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