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Writing Content That Clicks

How to deliver the right message at the right time
to the right audiences.

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  • Do you think the noise is too loud for you to break through?
  • Do you freeze up when you have to update your website or post on social media?
  • Do you wonder where you should start?


It's not true that people aren't reading anymore.It's just that they graze through content and consume it in more formats on more devices and in more places than ever before.How has this changed how we write?There's no room for artifice, embellishments or dense paragraphs (usually).There are no absolutes, but there are guidelines and best practices, and in this workshop we'll explore the ones governing writing for the web.

In this hands-on introductory workshop, we'll start where every good writer does: with the audience.You'll learn how to write for your readers and give them the information necessary to get them to engage with your organization, product or idea.

Program Description

Writing for the web and social media is both art and science.You need laser focus on your mission and a sense of confidence that you can express yourself clearly, quickly and engagingly.Do you have a clear vision of your visitors?Do you understand how visiting your website is going to change their lives?Have you explored how your product and/or service benefits address your customer's pain points?

Through a two-hour class discussion and two-hour group coaching session, this introductory program will help you hone in on your purpose and strategy, identify your USP (unique selling proposition – yes, it's still relevant!), and create custom templates to keep you on track for clearly expressing your value proposition, benefits and customer pain points.

We'll talk about how writing for the web is unique, and how many nanoseconds you have before someone clicks away.We'll look at samples of writing that get attention, examine the role headlines and subheads play, and how much time you should spend writing them.It takes time to write well, but you can make every minute count when you focus on your mission, understand your brand, and write with your visitor in mind.

Topics Covered

  • How writing for the web is different from other forms of writing
  • What people expect of you and your brand in social media
  • Uncovering your unique selling proposition
  • How to express products and services as customer benefits
  • Why headlines and subheads are so important
  • Tools to help you overcome web writers block


This workshop will equip you to:

  • Know what's most important to your reader
  • Spend the right amount of time writing headlines and subheads
  • Write web copy with search engine optimization in mind
  • Have a clear picture of your reader when you write
  • Be clear about your value proposition, benefits and customer pain points

Following the workshop you will be able to:

  • Update your website with confidence and purpose
  • Write copy that attracts visitors and converts them into customers
  • Take home tools to help keep you focused and on track

Intended Audience

  • Businesspeople who know their web copy could be better
  • People who update their website late at night, alone with popcorn
  • Non-writers who have to write for the web (since no one else will)


Jeanine Moss is a branding and marketing strategist who has also been a publisher, journalist, media relations director, digital communicator, advertising copywriter, media buyer, membership marketer, entrepreneur and strategic communications advisor to the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel & Readiness.  Moss is also the founder and president of Turning Point Solutions, Inc., providing branding and marketing strategy, thought leadership marketing, positioning and messaging and integrated marketing campaigns for clients like Accenture, Hewlett-Packard, The September 11th Fund, New York City, United Way, Lighthouse International, and other technology, healthcare, association and non-profit organizations.


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