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CCFS recommends the following books to inspire and guide families desiring a need to embrace a life of prayer and loving intention in relationships within their family, their Church community and the world in which we live.
Recommended Books

The Catholic Family Handbook: familycatholicbook175Time-Tested Techniques to Help You Strengthen Your Marriage and Raise Good Kids  by Lawrence Lovasik

Fr. Lovasik gives faithful Catholics all the essential ingredients of a stable and loving Catholic marriage and family.

Family  Familyby Pope Benedict XVI

Family: the bonds that are created, the truth of marriage, and the vocation of love that enables us to be loving people.

Sacred Dwelling: Sacred DwellingAn Everyday Family Spirituality  by Wendy Wright. PhD

Using the home as a backdrop, Wendy Wright brings the beauty and depth of the Christian spirit into our ordinary lives.

The Catholic Home: Catholic HomeCelebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days and Every Day  by Meredith Gould

Meredith Gould rekindles the joy of traditional home-based rituals in The Catholic Home with insight, reverence and awe.

St. Monica: The Power of a Mother's Love St Monicaby Giovanni Falbo

St. Monica’s  life is a case study of a Christian mother who was able to overcome extreme difficulties through the transformative power of prayer, love, perseverance and reliance on God’s beneficent grace.

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