Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology

About the Certificate Program
The Certificate in Pastoral Ministry is designed for people who are working or seeking to work in pastoral settings, broadly considered. Participants are required to complete eight courses (24 credits) in the following areas:

  • Scripture
  • Liturgy/Sacraments
  • Church History
  • Ecclesiology/Ministry
  • Moral Theology
  • Ministry Skills

A bachelor's degree is required so that participation in graduate-level studies will be fruitful. Prospective students should have adequate knowledge in contemporary Christian understandings (scripture, dogmatic theology and moral theology).

How to Apply 
Each prospective student must submit a completed application; official transcripts; two letters of reference; and an autobiographical sketch, including reasons for wanting to participate in the certificate program. After submitting these materials, the applicant should schedule an interview with the associate dean.
For more information contact ICSST by e-mail or phone (973) 761-9633.

Sample Courses

  • Scripture
    Johannine Literature
    Pauline Literature
    Prophetic Literature
    Synoptic Gospels

  • Liturgy/Sacraments
    Christian Marriage
    Liturgy and Catechesis
    Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick
    Sacraments of Initiation
    Worship of the Church  

  • Church History
    American Christianity
    Church in Latin America
    Mediterranean Christianity
    European Christianity
    Modern Christianity

  • Ecclesiology/Ministry
    Mission and Ministry
    Ministry and Administration
    Ministry of the Laity  

  • Moral Theology
    Catholic Sexual Teaching
    Catholic Social Teaching
    Contemporary Issues in Medical Ethics
    Ethical Issues in Death and Dying
    Healthcare Ethics

  • Ministry Skills
    Basic Parish Management
    Leadership Skills
    Organizational Behavior
    Pastoral Planning
    Spirituality of Administration

  • Pastoral Ministry
    Bereavement Counseling
    Pastoral Counseling
    Spiritual Direction
    Spirituality of Ministry
    Youth Ministry I-IV

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