Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology

Center for Workplace Spirituality (CWS)
The Center for Workplace Spirituality (CWS) presents workshops and lectures for both individuals and parishes.  In addition, a graduate-level course, Theology of Work  is  available through Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology.  The CWS program strives to "ignite the spark" that will help Christian men and women make the connection between their work lives and their faith.  Workshops offer practical assistance with the basic skills needed for a successful job search through a combination of both the spiritual and practical aspects of work-related issues.  Assistance is offered to parishes that have an interest in establishing an Employment Ministry.  The Center for Workplace Spirituality also offers presentations of interest to academic institutions, nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses.   Learn more »

Great Spiritual Books (GSB)
The Great Spiritual Books Program introduces participants to the classics of Christian spirituality from many Christian traditions. The Book of the Semester Club promotes camaraderie and ecumenical dialogue with Christian communities, parishes and ministry-teams. Young people are encouraged to engage with spiritual literature in the annual high school essay contests. An Online Graduate Certificate Program, hosted in conjunction with SetonWorldWide, provides busy people with opportunities to study Christian spirituality and literature for personal, ministerial and professional reasons. A broader range of onsite courses in Great Spiritual literature is also available.  

Center for Prayerfully Speaking (CPS)
The Center for Prayerfully Speaking  provides ongoing formation and prepares God's people for service and leadership roles in an atmosphere of collaboration, community-building, mutual support and encouragement. Through a wide variety of events, the program seeks to nurture habits and practices of excellent ministry in pastoral leaders and parish volunteers by providing resources to develop pastoral leadership and fostering connections with parishes through retreats, discernment tools, facilitated group discussions, lectures and workshops.

Workshops are offered  that provide practical skills for developing and presenting talks, prayer services, retreats and group discussions to those in professional and volunteer ministry. In addition, a graduate-level course, Spiritual Theology & Public Speaking is available through Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology. The Center also offers the Christian Speakers Network (CSN) as a resource to parishes and organizations needing speakers who are passionate about their Catholic faith and have a solid theological education. Learn more »

Seminary's Theological Education for Parish Services (STEPS)
Seminary's Theological Education for Parish Services (STEPS) Program is a graduate-level certificate program for adult Catholics who desire a deeper understanding of their faith. Offering classes at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church in Ridgewood, New Jersey, STEPS expands the opportunity for lay graduate education beyond the Seminary building to a local parish hall. STEPS offers an integrated program of theological coursework, praxis and spiritual formation to ensure professional preparation of its students for Church ministry. Students leave the program with a new enthusiasm for and understanding of their faith, ready to live it and share it in their homes, parishes and work communities.
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