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Through Her Intercession

Through Her Intercession

The newest publication of the Institute for Christian Spirituality, with a special focus on the Blessed Mother
Family Reflections

Family Reflections

This publication is dedicated to the memory of Deacon William J. Toth, Ph.D.(1940-2008).

Welcome to the Multimedia Resource Center
The Multimedia Resource Center is a collection of resources designed to inspire and ignite sparks within individuals and organizations to a deeper interest in spiritual growth, theological study and Church service. Taking our charge from 2 Timothy 1:6, “I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God within you,” the reference center provides material and resources to help call, inspire, train and sustain excellent pastoral ministry.

Catholic Center
Inspired by the life and spirituality of Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Center for Family Spirituality hosts a library of many resources, including books, articles, papal documents, and films that illuminate the spiritual, theological and pastoral foundations of family life. These resources are designed to strengthen the connection between family life and the Church.  For additional information on the Center’s practical and spiritual offerings, please visit our Catholic Center for Family Spirituality (CCFS).

Work-Faith Connection
The Work-Faith section contains a library of resources to help Christian men and women make the connection between their work lives and their faith by providing information on the spiritual aspects of work in today’s culture. Also included are resources for learning about spirituality of work as part of our Catholic Tradition throughout the ages, as well as important church documents that contribute to a theology of work.  For additional information on both the practical and spiritual aspects of work visit our Center for Workplace Spirituality.

Spiritual Literature
Our Spiritual Literature library focuses on spiritual literature from various Christian traditions which highlight the central themes and the literary foundations of Christian spirituality. Most of our selections can be used to promote camaraderie and ecumenical dialogue with diverse Christian communities, parishes and ministry-teams.  This range of literature can also be explored in rich detail via our online Certificate course in the Great Spiritual Books. For additional information on the Spiritual Literature library and our graduate-level online courses, please visit our Great Spiritual Books webpage.

Prayerfully Speaking
The Prayerfully Speaking library contains useful resources to assist Christian men and women in the development of oral communication skills to speak passionately about their faith in a variety of circumstances and settings.  For additional information on workshops, our graduate-level course Spiritual Theology & Public Speaking and our Christian Speakers Network, please see the Center for Prayerfully Speaking webpage.

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