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The Early Church and the Medieval Church

The American Church

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Handbooks

Brill’s New Pauly Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World
Reference BR DE 5 .N4813 2002

Catholic Encyclopedia (Encyclopedia Press) 1913
Reference  BXZ841 .C25 1913

Concise Dictionary of Early Christianity. Liturgical Press.
Reference BR 95 .K395 1992

Das Reallexikon fur Antike und Christentum Hiersemann
Reference BR 131 .R4

Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs. Hendrickson Publishers.
Reference BR 66.5 .D53 2000

Dictionary of the Popes and the Papacy (Crossroad)
Reference  BXZ 955.3 .L9413 2001

Early Christian World, The (Routledge)
Reference  BR 165 .E17 2000

Encyclopedia of Christianity (Oxford)
Reference  BR 95 .E47 2005

Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (Routledge)
Reference BR 162.2 .E53 1999

Encyclopedia of Early Christianity 2nd edition. Garland Publishing.
Reference BR 162.2 .E53 1999

Encyclopedia of the Early Church. Oxford University Press.
Reference BR 66.5 .D5813 1992

Historical Dictionary of the Crusades (Scarecrow)
Reference  D 155 .S53 2003

Late Antiquity: A Guide to the Postclassical World (Belknap)
Reference  DE 5 .L29 1999

New Catholic Encyclopedia (Gale) 2003
Reference  BXZ 841 .N44 2003

New Dictionary of Catholic Social Thought (Liturgical Press)
Reference  BXZ 1753 .N497 1994

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation (Oxford)
Reference  BR 302.8 .O93 1996

Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Studies. Oxford University Press.
Reference BR 121.3 .O99 2000

Papacy, The: An Encyclopedia (Routledge)
Reference  BXZ 955.2 .D53 2002

Westminster Handbook to Origen. Westminster John Knox Press.
Reference BR 65 .O68 W46 2004

Westminster Handbook to Patristic Theology. Westminster John Knox Press.
Reference BR 162.3 .M38 2004

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Primary Sources

Ante-Nicene fathers : translations of the writings of the fathers down to A.D. 325 (Scribner)
BR 60 .A6 S4

Ante-Nicene fathers. Translations of the writings of the fathers down to A.D. 325. (Eerdmans)
BR 60 .A62 R6

Corpus Christianorum Continuatio Mediaevalis (Brepols)
Reference BR 45 .C6

Corpus Christianorum Series Graeca (Brepols)
Reference BR 60 .A6 1977

Corpus Christianorum Series Latina (Brepols)
Reference BR 60 .C49

Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils (Sheed & Ward)
BXZ 822 .D42 1990

Documents of the Christian Church (Oxford)
BR 141 .D63 1999

New Eusebius : documents illustrating the history of the Church to AD 337 (SPCK) 1987
BR 160 .A2 N49 1987

New Eusebius : documents illustrating the history of the Church to AD 337 (SPCK) 1960
BR 1720 .E8 S8 1960

Select library of the Nicene and post-Nicene fathers of the Christian church (Eerdmans)
BR 60 .A62 S4

Sources Chrétiennes (CERF)
Reference BR 60 .A64 1941

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Bibliographies, Commentaries, Surveys

Ancient Christian Doctrine. Intervarsity Press.
BTZ 999 .A53 2009

Ancient Christian Writers.
BR 60 .A35

Blackwell Companion to the Theologians
Reference BR 118 .B48 2009 v.1

Early Christian World, The. 2 volumes. Routledge
Reference BR 165 .E17 2000

Matrology: a bibliography of writings by Christian women from the first to the fifteenth centuries.
Reference BR 117 .K33 1995

Mysterium Ecclesiae: Images of the Church and Its Members in Origen. F. Ledegang.
Reference BR 65 .O68 L423 2001

Teachings of the Church Fathers, The. J.R. Willis. Ignatius Press.
Reference BR 63 .T43 2002

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Atlas of the Early Christian World. Nelson 1959.
Reference G 1046 .E4 M6 1958

Brill’s New Pauly Historical Atlas of the World
Reference G 1033 .H5713 2010

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Analecta Bollandiana: A Journal of Critical Hagiography
Annali di Storia dell’esegesi
Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum
Augustinian Studies
Biblical Archaeologist
Biblische Zeitschrift
Catholic Biblical Quarterly (Catholic Biblical Association)
Catholic Historical Review (American Catholic Historical Association)
Church History
Downside Review
Estudios Ecclesiasticos
Greek Orthodox Theological Review
Journal of Biblical Literature (Society of Biblical Literature)
Journal of Early Christian Studies
Journal of Ecclesiastical History
Journal of Religious History
Journal of Semitic Studies
Medieval Studies
Revue d’Histoire Ecclesiastique
St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly
Studia Liturgica
Theological Studies
U.S. Catholic Historian
Virgiliae Christianae: A Review of Early Christian Life and Language

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Databases (password required)

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials

Brill’s New Pauly Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World

Digital Karl Barth Library

Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon (LSJ). A new release from the University of California (Irvine) –

Patrologia Latina Database

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Internet Resources

Ad Hoc Image and Text Database on the History of Christianity – Yale Divinity Digital Image and Text Library

ATLA Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative

Augustine of Hippo

Cantus: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant. Indices of Chants in selected manuscripts and early printed sources of the liturgical office.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations. Edited by Michael McCormick, Guoping Huang, Kelly Gibson, et al.

Early Christian Writings

Ecole Initiative – creating hypertext Encyclopedia of Early Church History on the World Wide Web. 

Evagrius Ponticus

New Advent’s The Fathers of the Church

North American Patristics Society

Perseus Project “Underdevelopment since 1987, it is Tufts’ University premier collection of the Greco-Roman world, covering its literature, culture and history.” 

Vatican Papal Archive

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The American Church

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Atlases

Catholicism in Early Modern History
Reference Z 7830 .C37 1988

Dictionary of Christianity in America
Reference BR 515 .D53 1990

Eerdmans Handbook to Christianity in America
BR 515 .E37 1983

Encyclopedia of American Catholic History
Reference BXZ 1406.2 .E53 1997

Encyclopedia of Religious Controversies in the United States 1997.  Shriver, et al.
Reference BR 515 .E53 1997

Guide to American Catholic History J.T. Ellis
Z 7778 .V6 E38 1982

Historical Atlas of Religion in America
Oversized G 1201 .E4 G3 1962

New Historical Atlas of Religion in America 2001 Guastad, Barlow
G 1201 .E4 N4 2001

Religion in American Life (10 vol) Oxford (each vo. Catalogued separately)
Women and Religion in America (Harper Row)
Reference BR 515 .W648 1981

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Internet Resources

Post Reformation Digital Library

Internet History Sourcebooks Project. Paul Halsall, editor.

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

“Orthodox History and practice with Primary source documents”

Divining America: Religion in American History
From the National Humanities Center.

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Databases (password required)

ATLA with ATLA Serials
Academic Search Premier
American History and Life

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