Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology
Honorary Members
  • Most Reverend John J. Myers, Chair
  • Most Reverend Manuel A. Cruz
  • Most Reverend Edgar M. DaCunha
  • Most Reverend Thomas A. Donato
  • Most Reverend John W. Flesey
Committee Members

  • Reverend Monsignor Robert F. Coleman, Chair
  • Reverend Monsignor Raymond J. Kupke
  • Reverend Monsignor Gerard H. McCarren
  • Reverend Monsignor Thomas P. Nydegger
  • Reverend Monsignor Francis R. Seymour
  • Reverend Monsignor Robert J. Wister
  • Mrs. Kathleen Childers
  • Mrs. Catherine Cunning
  • Mr. Alan Delozier
  • Mr. Jeivi Hercules
  • Mrs. Julia Persinger
  • Mr. Fredy Sanchez
  • Mr. Greg Tobin
  • Dr. Dianne M. Traflet

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