Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology

Explore the joys and challenges of Immaculate Conception Seminary's early years and savor words of wit and wisdom from the seminary's founding fathers.

Shepherds of the Seminary
Founder and first rectors: their stories and their footprints on Immaculate Conception Seminary.

Seton Hall's President-Rectors
Five priests served simultaneously as rector of Immaculate Conception Seminary and president of Seton Hall College.

“Hazard Zet Forward”
The fire of 1866 forever changes the seminary.

1870 - Move the Seminary to Newark?
With a growing student population, the seminary relocates to a campus in Newark, which, with the redrawing of municipal boundaries, would become the South Orange campus of Seton Hall University.

Who Were They?
The first seminarians came from near and far, but all served the Catholics of New Jersey.

William Durant
Stealth seminarian

Life and Learning
From the curriculum to celebrations of milestones for the new seminary.

A New Century
Life at the seminary continued to grow and flourish into the 20th century.

Seminary at Darlington 1926-1984
In the 1920s the seminary takes a leap from Newark to Mahwah.

Faculty, Rules, Order, Pastimes
A look at faculty and seminarians creating order but at the same time, having fun.

Military Chaplains
Rectors, faculty, seminarians - many who came through Immaculate Conception Seminary have served in the United States military.

Modern Times at Darlington
With many changes in the Catholic Church and contemporary society, the Seminary finds itself in a new era of dialogue from the 1960s through the 1970s.

Immaculate Conception Seminary - Coat of Arms
Explore the symbolism associated with our Coat of Arms.

Students of Today
Seminarians and students today still come from near and far to be formed as leaders in service to the Church locally and globally.

James Roosevelt Bayley

Right Reverend James
Roosevelt Bayley


1948. The United States Postage Stamp issued to commemorate the "Four Chaplains." Reverend John P. Washington is second from right. – AAN

Bernard John McQuaid

Right Reverend Bernard J. McQuaid (1823-1909).

Januarius De Concillo

Reverend Januarius De Concilio (1836-1898). First professor of theology at the seminary, major editor of The Baltimore Catechism. – AAN

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