Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology

Students of Immaculate Conception Seminary

FacultyLeo G. Thebaud
Winand M. Wigger (Third Bishop of Newark)
James W. Donellan
P.G. Duffy
James Ward
Michael E. Kane
Pierce McCarthy
Leonard A. Giro
James F. Dalton
While the diocese of Newark, which then included what is today the diocese of Paterson, included people of Irish, German, Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, Slovak, and other backgrounds the seminarian population did not reflect the ethnic diversity of the diocese.
From 1900 through 1905, 59 seminarians entered ICS.
Irish heritage or Irish birth - 49
German heritage or German birth - 6
Polish heritage or Polish birth  - 2
Italian heritage or Italian birth  - 1
Hungarian heritage or Hungarian birth - 1
The diocese made up for this by admitting foreign-born priests. In 1900, there were 20 German-born priests, 20 Italian, and five Polish.

141 seminarians
Irish heritage  - 80
Polish or Slavic heritage  - 35
German heritage  - 14
Italian heritage  - 10
French heritage - 1
Dutch heritage  - 1
141 seminarians
Born in the United States  - 137
Born in England  - 2 (Of Irish heritage)
Born in Italy  - 1
Born in Czechoslovakia - 1

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