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International Institute for Clergy Formation

 The International Institute for Clergy Formation is one of the only formation programs strictly for priests and clergy in the world.  Over then thousand priests have attended the Summer and Winter Institutes since its beginning in 1987.
The Institute offices are located on the Seton Hall University campus where it began in 1987 under the name of the National Institute for Clergy Formation and was founded by the late Rev. Msgr. Andrew Cusack. Since its beginning the Institute experienced tremendous growth with both priests of the United States and throughout the global church.  For this reason, the name was changed from National to International.
Our Mission Statement is yearly realized by following the guidance of Pope John Paul II's hallmark pastoral "I will Send You Shepherds."  In this pastoral, the Holy Father asks that the ongoing formation of seminarians as well as priests seek to integrate the "Human, Academic, Spiritual and Pastoral formation" from "womb to tomb."  "Ongoing formation helps the priest to be and act as a priest in the spirit and style of Jesus the Good Shepherd."  (Pastores Dabo Vobis, no. 73).  We attribute the success of our INstitue to this effort of integration.  The speakers who facilitate this integration are world renowned scholars from around the world.
The Institute offers two annual programs and bi-annual International programs.  Our Summer Institute offers four weeks beginning in late June and ending in mid July. Priests may attend all or part of the four weeks. Our Winter Institute is a one week program offered in January and alternates between the east and west coast.  International Institutes have been offered in Ireland, Rome and Assisi.  


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