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April 2016

 Hello Seton Hall family,

The selections this month are articles from The New York Times.  Both appeared in March, and are very different.

"The Tragedy of a Hall of Fame Coach and His Star Recruit" chronicles a story about SMU basketball, their coach Larry Brown, and their player Keith Frazier. Frazier is the victim in this expose and is described as emotionally fragile, but gifted athletically. Throughout his young life educators and coaches overlooked academic deficiencies, and adjusted scholastic records - done so that Frazier might help his schools win championships. 

In contrast, Frank Bruni's piece, "Hidden Gold in College Applications," is quite uplifting. He describes the efforts made by admissions officers at three well known colleges to learn more about applicants, and consider factors besides standardized tests in their assessments. Bruni tells tales of risks taken by the schools to admit students who did not score well, but who demonstrated grit and determination by overcoming significant hardship in their lives. 

With good insight John Fontana's questions focus on the allure of success and winning. He asks us to reflect on the value of achievement. We might think about: how do we balance success with the need for authenticity and protecting the common good? Are we willing to dig deeply, get all the facts, and make bold decisions which on the surface might be neither popular nor god?

Many issues are raised in these stories. There is much to ponder. 

Wally Kennedy

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