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October 2016

 Greetings to the Seton Hall WBC/Micah community!

As the elections approach, everyone wants to make an informed decision about candidates seeking national, state, and local offices.  Perhaps leadership style is a trait that we should assess to help make our choices. 

If so, this month's reading is very timely.  The article is titled, "Want to Be a Good Boss?  Start by Understanding Why You Want to Lead."  The material is sourced from Kellogg Insight, a journal published by Northwestern University's famed management school.  It is based on research done by Jon Maner, Professor of Management and Organizations, and Charleen R. Case. 

In their presentation the authors explore the pros and cons of two distinct leadership styles - motivated by the desire for either dominance or prestige.  Maner states, "It's not that one strategy is good and one strategy is bad.  They can both work in different kinds of organizations."

He further proposes that both styles can work within the same leader.  Although one may be more dominant that the other, the key to effective leadership is the ability to nimbly switch between them. 

In his summary questions John Fontana asks us to consider how these styles have played out in your career, which style do you prefer?  We might also consider if a company with which we worked experienced success or failure because of leadership style. 

Enjoy the reading. Get out and vote on Election Day. 

Wally Kennedy


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