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November 2016

 Thanksgiving greetings to friends of Seton Hall!

This month's reading is an article by Ben Cohen, a sports reporter for the Wall Street Journal.  His topic is "The San Antonio Spurs Are Coached to Think for Themselves."  The story is a brief overview of coach Gregg Popovich's leadership style. 

Popovich is a respected NBA coach.  The San Antonio franchise and team have had much success over an extended period.  Much of this is credited to coach Popovich, who is a 67 year-old man working with young, talented athletes in a racially diverse environment.

Popovich perceives his role as more than a tactician and strategist who wins championships.  He sees himself as a teacher with a responsibility to fully develop his players as good citizens and human beings.  Ironically, some of his methods not only help produce more rounded athletes, but also create more team camaraderie. 

When reading the piece, I thought of a philosophy learned when I was very young, i.e., leaders are responsible for results and, equally as important, the development of people.  Unforunately, in looking back over my career, I cannot affirm that all leaders took the developmental part seriously.

I would love to hear your stories about this topic.  Do/did you encounter leaders like Paul Popovich?  What do/did they do to help individual development?  Or was your experience more like mine - leaders not too concerned about this part of their responsibility. 

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family. 

Wally Kennedy

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