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December 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone and your families! 

Last month's articles were stories about companies with bad business practices.  For December John Fontana selected material that raises a different subject.  This month's reading contrasts sharply with the November documents. 

Bill Byron, SJ, is well qualified to write, "In the Body Academic - Executive Search Resembles Organ Transplant Surgery."  Byron, a longtime friend of Woodstock, is the author of numerous books about leadership, a former University of Scranton President and currently part of the St. Joe's Philadelphia chapter. 

"In the Body Academic" is a blueprint for selection of higher education administrators, particularly presidents, but also has applicability for businesses.  To clarify his arguments, Byron cleverly makes an analogy between selection and the steps needed for successful organ transplant. 

While reading the article I was reminded of a management course in graduate school during which the professor developed a checklist for better organizing, planning, staffing, and controlling.  That class was not very exciting, but the background provided was quite useful as my career responsibilities increased. 

I also think that Byron's message has a Lonergan tone - be aware, get the facts, discern, judge and act.  Anyway, give me your feedback. 

May you and your families be blessed this season. 

Wally Kennedy

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