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December 2016

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Micah/WBC family!

One of this month's readings provokes thoughts about the costs of debt.  The other challenges us to think about what spending, saving and giving say about our values.  The material is taken from well known sources. 

"The Spiritual Cost of Debt" is from America, and was written by Sean Salai, S.J.  The subtitle for this piece is "Financial Servitute is Shaping the Faith of Young American Catholics."

Father Salai argues that debt not only restricts life choices among young Catholics, but also creates new relationship structures within families based on guilt and co-dependence rather than love.  Yet, despite these problems he believes that there are signs of hope as these issues place American youth in solidarity with the rest of the world and should make them stronger if they work with God's help.

Ron Lieber's article from The New York Times is "One Money Question to Rule Them All: How Much is Enough?"  This is a quantitative question which the writer explores, but he also introduces a qualitative aspect which is ultimately an inquiry into what we and our families stand for. 

In his question section, John Fontana asks if these articles have influenced our thoughts during these uncertain times.  Perhaps reflection about the messages presented this month are very appropriate during this Advent season of preparation. 

Merry Christmas.

Wally Kennedy

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