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May 2016

 Springtime greetings to the WBC/Micah family, 

In addition to providing a timely article, John Fontana gives a WBC status report this month.  Please read his summary of activity. 

In brief, WBC is near completion of a rebranding initiative.  This includes changing chapter names to "Ignatian Business Chapters," and the release of a book that has material which can be used for discussion at monthly gatherings.  This publication was developed with the assistance of Renew International. 

The reading for this month is sourced form the March 8th issue of the Harvard Business Review.  "How Big Business Created the Politics of Anger" was written by Mark R. Kramer, co-founder of the consulting firm FSG, and frequent contributor to the HBR. 

In response to the article, John Fontana raises questions about anger - how it affects our personal lives and professional behavior.  But, in addition to thinking about that emotion, Kramer's argument should provoke thought about economic, political, social, and moral responsibilities of business. 

I would be interested in hearing your viewpoints about those practices that are not illegal, but do little for the common good.  Are efforts to drive the value of stock at the expense of investments to drive growth and create jobs good for the business, and its stakeholders?

Enjoy and relax during the next few months.  Our letters will resume in the fall. 

Wally Kennedy

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