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May 2017

Springtime greetings to the WBC/Micah community!

As the academic year was concluding, John Fontana forwarded a long, but interesting article from Bloomberg.  Also, in his notes he gives brief insight into themes presented by Micah friend Chris Lowney in his new book, Everyone Leads: How to Revitalize the Catholic Church (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017). 

The Bloomberg story is an overview of a Cincinnati based Evangelical Church founded by P&G executives. From the beginning this large and growing community (called Crossroads) targeted a young audience, and tried to attract this group by addressing an issue important to them, i.e., getting jobs. 

This group has successfully linked Gospel messages with entrepreneurial programs to attract a large congregation. Much like Micah and WBC, Crossroads is dedicated to bringing faith to the workplace. Their approach is fascinating, and the reading is provocative. Enjoy!

Chris Lowney's book is also referenced. Lowney proposes and EASTeR strategy to revitalize the Catholic Church. His tactics include entrepreneurship, accountability, service, transformation, and outreach. If you are looking for stimulating seasonal reading, this book might be a good choice. 

Have an enjoyable and relaxing summer. See you in the fall.

Wally Kennedy

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