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Business is a call, a vocation. Business people employ their own talents and skills, the assets of their companies, and the structures and resources of the wider society for the creation and maintenance of wealth, employment, and products or services. The business leader needs to be able to perform, to answer the call, with skill, competence, and peace of mind.





The mission of the Woodstock Business Conference (WBC) is to establish and lead a national network of business leaders to explore their respective religious traditions in order to assist the individual executives:


  • to integrate faith, family, and professional life
  • to develop a corporate culture that is reflective of their religious faith and values
  • to exercise a beneficial influence upon society at large.


The Conference, grounded in the Roman Catholic tradition, welcomes believers who are open to and respectful of one another's religious traditions. It is committed to the conviction that ethics and values grow out of one's religious heritage.

How to Join

For more information about the Seton Hall Chapter of WBC, please contact Danute Nourse at nourseda@shu.edu or call (973) 275-2525. Monthly readings and reflection questions are available online.


Why the Conference

Everyone searches for meaning in life. The search is not limited to the private dimension of family, friendship, and person development; but also includes the world of work and profession. Often the search is accelerated by feelings of agitation, restlessness, sleepless nights. This search may lead thoughtful men and women of faith to sense an apparent gap or chasm between faith experience and experience in the marketplace. They may come to a gulf between moral expectations and actual experience in life in the corporation and a sense of disquietude. After a period of serious reflection, a person may see the knowledge born of faith that we are loved by God as inconsistent with the sometimes harsh experiences of life in the day-to-day world.

Is peace of mind possible? Is this gap bridgeable? Is the apparent discrepancy between what we profess in faith and what we see and do in business either necessary or inevitable? Helping business leaders to answer these questions, to navigate in troubled waters, is what the Conference is all about.

Conference participants take care to identify values consistent with their religious commitments, to the end that their decisions and actions will be based upon ethical principles informed by and growing out of their religious faith. Religion in general, and particularly the Judeo-Christian tradition, contributes in a number of significant ways:


  • thousands of years of prayerful reflection have produced a rich treasure of thought directed to practical resolution of questions of right and wrong
  • the motivational power of religious conviction sustains morally correct behavior
  • a picture of the world emerges from which it makes sense for people to take the dilemmas of moral action seriously and make the effort to do the right thing
  • a way of life is presented which is more comprehensive and demanding
  • a community of believers opens access to a much deeper range of values than those expressed in the conventional wisdom of the day.


Chapter Meeting Format

A typical seasonal meeting runs about an hour and a half. The following format is generally used:


  • Opening prayer
  • Self-Introductions
  • Reading of the Mission Statement
  • Reading of Scripture
  • Silent Reflection on the Scripture (5 min.)
  • Discussion of Scripture reflection by group
  • Presentation of topic for discussion by one of the members
  • Discussion of the topic
  • Reflection and evaluation on the meeting and process (5 - 10 min.)
  • Closing prayer


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