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Inside the Core June 2022  

Dr. Edgar ValdezDr. Edgar Valdez

Inside the Core this week usually doesn’t appear for much of the summer, but we have something special to celebrate right now. Core Fellow Dr. Edgar Valdez has published a book Rethinking Kant, vol. 6 (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022). The book is a collection of essays representing, as the description on the CSP website states, an overview of the most recent Kantian scholarship, with an eye to tradition as well as looking forward. The description goes on to say, “The essays collected here cover some of the most important and controversial themes in Kant’s philosophy: questions of freedom, the role of feeling and passion in morality, the nature of transcendental idealism, radical evil and revolution. Some critical, others exegetical or apologetic, all these essays show a sustained effort to rethink Kant and indicate his importance for current philosophical debates.” Here is a link to his book.

Dr. Valdez is a Teaching Fellow at Seton Hall University, USA, where he also serves as Associate Director of the University Honors Program. His published work has appeared in Kantian Review, Contextos Kantianos, and Forum Philosophicum. A wonderfully engaged teacher, Dr. Valdez has been teaching both Core I and Core II, as well as Honors classes. He has been involved in the ongoing assessment of the Core, serving every year on the committee that evaluates a substantial sample of essays from the Core. He also has been actively involved in Latinx Philosophy Conference. (2016 - Present) and the North American Kant Society, Eastern Study Group (2012 - Present).

Sadly (for Seton Hall), Dr. Valdez is leaving for a position at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City, where he will be teaching in the Department of Philosophy. We are very happy for Dr. Valdez, but he will definitely be missed. However, he knows he has friends, always at Seton Hall and especially in the Core office.

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