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Maxine N. Lurie, Ph.D.

Maxine Lurie, Ph.D.

Maxine N. Lurie holds a BA from Alfred University, a MA from the University of Rochester, and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. She has taught at Marquette University, Rutgers University, and Seton Hall University (from 1993 to 2010). An Early American historian, she has taught and written about New Jersey history for twenty-seven years. Although retired she continues to teach (one course a year), is actively involved in several research projects, and in the history community in New Jersey.

The author of a number of scholarly articles (in New Jersey History, the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography and other publications), encyclopedia entries (in American National Biography and other works), she has also written on professional issues. Professor Lurie is the co-editor of The Minutes of the East Jersey Board of Proprietors (1985) v. 4; editor of The New Jersey Anthology (first edition 1994, 2nd edition 2010); and co-editor-in-chief with Marc Mappen of The Encyclopedia of New Jersey (2004). She has written chapters, all on New Jersey, for The Uniting States: The Story of Statehood for the Fifty United States (2004), New Jersey in the American Revolution (2005), and Constructing Early Modern Empires: Proprietary Ventures in the Atlantic World, 1500-1750 (2007). She also worked with Peter Wacker and Michael Siegel on Mapping New Jersey (2009), which tells the history of the state through new and historical maps; and most recently with Richard Veit editing New Jersey: A History of the Garden State (2012). She and Veit are now working on an illustrated history of New Jersey.

Professor Lurie is chair of the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance, chair of the New Jersey Historical Commission and also of its 350th Anniversary Committee, and is a member of the State Historic Records Advisory Board. She served on the Executive Committee of the Mid Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, the Teaching Division of the American Historical Association, and was chair of the AHA-OAH Committee on Part Time/Adjunct Faculty. Professor Lurie has received several awards including, in 1997 the Richard J. Hughes award from the New Jersey Historical Commission

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