Why Give?
Annual Fund

There are many reasons to give to the Seton Hall Fund.  Each gift makes a difference to the students of today and tomorrow.

  • Make A Difference
    Gifts are essential in advancing new initiatives and sustaining current activities throughout Seton Hall University.  The Seton Hall Fund makes great things happen in the lives of students, faculty and the entire community. 

  • Increase the Value of Your Diploma
    Alumni giving is a key factor in determining national rankings, therefore your gift helps increase the value of every Seton Hall diploma.  This in turn makes our graduates more competitive in the job market.

  • Increase Seton Hall’s National Ranking
    The number of alumni who make a gift every year is a key factor in determining national ranking of colleges and universities.  U.S. News & World Report looks closely at alumni participation and uses it to rank the top colleges. 


Alumni Participation
Participation is important, especially for alumni.  It shows that those who know Seton Hall best care about its future, and that’s why the percentage of alumni who give to their alma mater is one of the factors considered by corporations, foundations, and ranking organizations.  
No matter how small a gift is, it’s important.  It represents a decision.  When more people give, its shows that they care about Seton Hall’s future and know their contribution can make a difference.  

Participation matters.  Help us increase our ranking.


Chart Showing Alumni Giving in the Big East

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