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Three Reasons to Get Your MHA Degree at Seton Hall  

  • Are you seeking new skills and credentials to help advance your healthcare career?
  • Do you want to learn more about the business or operational side of healthcare?
  • Are you a healthcare provider who has supervisHealthcare Administratorsory responsibilities at your job?

Yes? Then a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree from Seton Hall University may be the “next step” for you. Apply by July 1 for the next online cohort, or by August 1 for the on-campus program.

3 Reasons to Get Your MHA at Seton Hall
  1. Change is Everywhere: Patient-centered care is a top priority, but the healthcare industry is also grappling with business and operational challenges. Learn new skills and knowledge related to health policy, financial management, data analytics and population health management.
  2. Job Growth: Employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 17% through 2024. An MHA degree can help you stand out for promotions and job opportunities. (This includes clinical practitioners who are taking on leadership responsibilities while maintaining their patient-care roles.)
  3. You Want the Best for Patients and Communities: Health care goes beyond providing clinical care. With a broader understanding of the healthcare industry, you can be a better advocate for your diverse constituents' needs within a complicated healthcare system.
Next Steps

Think about how the CAHME-accredited online or on-campus MHA program at Seton Hall University would fit into your career goals. Fill out this short Request Info form to begin a conversation with Patrick McDermott, Director of Graduate Admissions.

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