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View of Tiber River in 19th Century Rome

Our Study Abroad Legacy

Through our university's namesake, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, and founder, Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley, the transformational nature of international education is in the very bedrock of Seton Hall. Both Mother Seton's 1803 voyage to Italy as well as Bishop Bayley's 1842 journey through Europe were driving forces in their future vocation for Catholic education in America and led to the founding of our university. Now it's your turn to seize the incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in an international experience that will change your life forever and follow in the footsteps of a study abroad legacy that goes back centuries.

Ready to get started?
There are many options available for study abroad thru Rome Connection, Faculty Led Programs, Exchange Programs as well as third party providers. Please keep in mind that there are four typical lengths of study: full year, entire semester, semester-embedded and summer. There are deadlines for submitting your study abroad application and confirming for programs so please check the Get Started page for those dates and to learn about the journey to studying abroad!

When can I study abroad?
Students may choose to study abroad at any time depending on the program. For Exchange and Third-Party programs students should participate sophomore or junior year. University Policy states that the first and last 30 credits must be taken at Seton Hall University.

Seton Hall Programs

Rome Connection
A new embedded study abroad experience for first-year, undergraduate students. Explore the beautiful and captivating corners of Rome thru a transformative freshman adventure! Click the link above to learn more.

Faculty Led Programs
These are short-term study abroad opportunities led by a Seton Hall professor, typically during the summer or embedded in the spring semester (Spring Break or May travel). Various departments sponsor study programs for a duration of days, weeks, or up to a month led by Seton Hall faculty. These programs count as Seton Hall class credits. If you would like more information please click the link above.

Exchange Programs
Seton Hall University is committed to established formal exchange agreements with universities abroad. Exchange programs not only offer students a great opportunity to spend time at a foreign university, but also the opportunity to truly experience and become immersed in a new culture. For a list of available exchanges, please follow the link above. Participants in the exchange programs live the study abroad experience while paying Seton Hall tuition, which can be funded by currently held scholarships, loans and grants.

Third-Party Providers

Still looking for the perfect program that sparks your interests while earning college credits? The Office of International Programs has compiled a list of reputable study abroad program providers to help get you started. With the assistance of a Seton Hall academic adviser, students are able to transfer credits from abroad through these programs. Learn more »