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Doing Business in India

Join us for a journey through India, designed as executives on business!

This course is designed to impart an understanding of how to do business in or with India and the regions surrounding it. It includes a visit to India to gain firsthand experience of its cultural, social, industrial, business, and financial centers. Students are also exposed to questions related to the human growth and development from the ancient times and pertaining to the peaceful coexistence as a large religiously and ethnically diverse population. The course combines attending classes at Seton Hall and Indian universities, lectures at business houses, and interactions with business, educational, and government leaders, and general population. It is approved to fulfill the requirements for Signature 3 Core (CORE 3028) and Global Business (BINT 3001) courses by doing some additional work. The course is open to all Seton Hall University students - undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, etc. With some varying requirements, all students taking this trip will earn 3 credits towards Management, International Business, or Independent Study. Students attend 3 classes at Seton Hall on Indian economy, society, and culture. They are prepared for the trip. In India, they visit businesses, ancient/historic sites, and interact with academics, business and social leaders, representatives of industries, and government officials. The travel to India takes place during the Seton Hall University Spring Break. This is one of the International Business courses in the School of Business curricula. The course has been continuously offered since 2009 and made its 12th trip to India during the Spring Break 2020. Students from various units of SHU, such as Business, A&S, and Diplomacy have travelled to India and experienced Indian social, cultural, political, and economic subsystems.

Robert C Troccoli Study Abroad ScholarshipThere are five $1,000 scholarships available to all students that apply. Preference will be given to Stillman School of Business students (preferably M.B.A. students based on financial need and GPA).

For more information on this study abroad program and associated scholarship you may reach out to Dr. A.D. Amar thru Teams Connect (anytime) by clicking this link.

Program-Specific Information

Term: Spring Semester (Spring Break Travel)

Program Dates: May 22 to May 30, 2022

Country: India

Program Capacity: 20 students

Program Itinerary: Click here to explore the program!

Course: BMGT 3524: Doing Business in India (syllabus)
This course is cross listed as BINT 4924, BMGT/ BINT 3001/BINT 7524 and CORE 3028.

Program Fee: $3,999

Housing Accommodations: Hotels

Air Travel: Round-trip air travel is included as part of the program fee.

Recurring Cycle: Every Year

DSS Info: Students at Seton Hall University who have a physical, medical, learning or psychiatric disability, either temporary or permanent, may be eligible for reasonable accommodations during their study abroad program. In order to receive such accommodations, students must identify themselves at the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS), provide appropriate documentation and collaborate in the development of an accommodation plan. Students seeking accommodations on a study abroad program, are encouraged to begin the process with the DSS office at least 6 months in advance of the program start date. Click here to learn more. 

Faculty Leader

A. D. AmarDr. A. D. Amar, Professor of Management, has taken Seton Hall students to India continuously for the last 12 years, except 2021. Every student on every one of these trips came back very happy, finding it beyond their expectations. Many saying, "I will never forget this," "I will be telling these stories to my children and grandchildren," etc. The key is how he designed this trip by taking money out of the equation once student is enrolled in the course and has paid for the trip. He suggests you read online the stories published on these trips by the students. He has traveled to almost all parts of the world, and has worked in India, UK, USA, Poland, Russia, and China. He knows six languages and is very fluent in three Indian languages. He knows India like the back of his hand, and has been invited as an expert on India by many newspapers/magazines.
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