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English students studying abroad in Ireland.

Study Abroad FAQs

How do I fill out my Credit Transfer Sheet?
Please review this document for helpful tips on how to complete your credit transfer sheet.

I'm studying abroad, why am I being billed for my Seton Hall classes?
Scenario 1: If you are studying abroad with a 3rd party provider or directly enrolling at another university, you must drop your SHU courses in order for the registrar to register you for the Study Abroad Placer course and the bursar to remove your SHU tuition.

Scenario 2: If you are studying on an exchange program, you are supposed to be billed for SHU tuition, so that your current aid package remains in place.

Can I use my Seton Hall scholarship and aid to study abroad?
A student’s enrollment in a Seton Hall-approved study abroad program may be considered enrollment at Seton Hall itself for purposes of applying for assistance under the Title IV, HEA programs. To confirm whether your current aid package can be applied to your study abroad program, please schedule an appointment with Gary Thomas in the Financial Aid Office.

In general:

  • Exchange programs – Yes, you can use your current SHU scholarship and other aid
  • 3rd Party Providers – Only federal aid and bank loans can be applied
  • Spring Faculty-led Programs – Yes, you can use your current SHU scholarship and other aid as long as this course will count within the flat tuition rate (12-18 credits)
  • Summer Faculty-led Programs – Generally SHU scholarships and aid do not cover summer classes. You may not use the SHU Summer Scholarship, as the SHU tuition for summer faculty-led programs is already discounted at 25% or 50 % for programs with a duration of at least one month.

How do I comply with the insurance requirement of the study abroad application? 
When you are studying abroad with a third party organization, make sure that they include insurance with your program costs.

When studying abroad in an exchange program or directly enrolling in a university abroad, please purchase the GeoBlue Insurance plan.

If I am studying abroad again, do I need to submit all my documents again?
You can reuse your previous passport copy if it has not expired. We can also reuse your medical form if it was completed in the last 6 months.

My passport will be expiring around the time I return from my study abroad program is that okay?
No, you must check the passport validity requirements at this link with the country you are traveling to. Click here for more information

Do I need a visa to travel to my study abroad destination?
Depending on your country of citizenship you may need a visa to enter your host country.

For US citizens check this link 
For citizens of other countries, please check with the host country's embassy located in the New York or DC area

Do U.S. permanent residents need a visa to travel to other countries?
You must follow the rules of your country of citizenship, not the U.S., to determine whether you need a visa to enter another country.

What number should I call in the event of an emergency while I am abroad?
Faculty-led Program: Please contact the faculty member or chaperone leading your group

Third-Party Company/Direct Enroll: Contact the emergency contact at your program / international office

OIP: You may always call our office during business at (973) 761-9072 and or outside of business hours at (973)761-9300 (ask to speak to OIP).