Guide To Using Alumni Navigator
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This guide will help you use the Seton Hall University Alumni Navigator system. Refer to this document as you complete your profile, upload your resume, search for positions, and expand your professional network

Creating Your Alumni Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create Account for Free access.
    • You should use a non-SHU e-mail address when creating your account
    • You do not have to join eProNet Alumni.
  3. You will have the option to manage your portfolio, search for jobs, network with alumni or obtain industry guidance.
TIP: If you are interested in posting a position on behalf of your current employer, please do not use Alumni Navigator. Instead, click here to create or log into your Employer account.

Managing Your Portfolio

Your Portfolio contains four main sections: Profile, Resume, Experiences, References and Track Portfolios.


Your profile includes three key components:
  • Introductions: Creating introductions for your shared views allows you to introduce your portfolio to recipients.
  • Contact information: The information you provided when you registered for an account will be pre-populated into your contact information and career interests. You can edit it as well as create different versions of your contact info.
  • Career interests: Providing information about your career interests will help Alumni Navigator match you with jobs and advice. If you'd like, you'll also be able to share this information with recipients of your portfolio.

TIP: Remember to keep your profile information updated!


  1. Select Add a New Resume. You can professionally title (i.e., Thomas Smith Resume) and upload your document.
TIP: Do not use “Primary Resume” option. Adding info to this feature will provide a summary but not a professional resume.
TIP: Use Optimal Resources to create professional documents.


Experiences can help recipients learn more about who you are, what you’ve done, how a particular experience helped you grow as a person or strengthen a skill.
  1. Click Create New Experience or View an Example Experience to read samples.


References are recommended and may be requested by prospective employers.
  1. Click Create New Reference.
TIP: Be sure to check with your references and notify them that they may be contacted regarding your job search.

Shared Views In Portfolio

The Shared View allows you to select specific items from your portfolio to share with prospective employers, peers, mentors, etc.
  1. Click Create Shared View on upper right while building portfolio or from main Portfolio page.
  2. Name your shared view and Select a template for its style. You can preview and edit your portfolio at any time.
  3. Select Go Back to My Portfolio to add information at any time while creating a shared view.
  4. You will be able to preview, share or track your shared views.

Conducting Your Search

  1. Select Jobs from the Navigation Bar on the top of your screen.
  2. Click Advanced Search
    • Alumni should select “jobs” not “internships” under Type.
    • To view only those jobs posted to SHU, select “Seton Hall University – The Career Center” under Network.



Experience Connections is a professional networking service that helps students and alumni develop relationships to support career exploration and development. The service allows you to: connect with hiring alumni and employers, explore a professional alternative to social networking, and express your experience above and beyond a typical resume.

Pirate Mentoring

Search for SHU Alumni who have volunteered to provide career guidance. To access and connect with Pirate Mentors, please visit »


For comprehensive information on industries and careers as well as links to job and web sites, be sure to utilize the Guidance button located on the Navigation bar at top right of your screen.

Ethical Career Searching

In fulfilling the mission of Seton Hall University, TCC expects all alumni to adhere to the ethical, academic and professional standards as established by the University, The Career Center, and the hiring organization. In addition, Alumni Navigator and eRecruiting are available to any organization and/or alumnus who is recruiting candidates for part-time, internship or professional employment opportunities. Recruiting activities are those that have the primary purpose of sourcing candidates for bonifide employment opportunities. Solicitation not related to sourcing candidates for employment is not permitted. The Career Center reserves the right to decline or withdraw access to Alumni Navigator.
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