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What will career counseling do for me?

The Career Development Process

Updated Career Development Process

Career Development is a process of finding a fit between who you are and the world of work that interests you.


  • When should I start the career development process?
    • As early as possible. Career development is a process of self-discovery, and it is never too early (or too late) to start your process.

  • Who can I meet with to talk about my career development and establish goals?
    • The Career Center has professionals available for one-on-one appointments to discuss where you are in your process of career development.

  • What will we talk about in a career counseling session?
    • The career counseling session is about you…we begin by exploring your interests, skills, values, passions, and leisure activities.  We progress forward to explore types of work environments that appeal to you. And, find a fit between who you are and what the environment will offer. Resources available during this process include vocational assessments, NAVIGATOR - an online database of internships and job, and Pirate Mentors – SHU alumni who are willing to offer guidance within their career field to our students.

  • How long will my career counseling session take?
    • First appointments include an intake, which is an information gathering session to facilitate rapport and the counselor’s understanding of the student’s interests, skills, values, passions, and leisure activities – this is normally a 45-minute appointment.  A follow-up appointment is encouraged but not required, and is normally 45-minutes as well.

How do I discover my calling in life?

Triangular Relationship: Vocation, Calling, & Career

Triangular Relationship: Vocation, Calling, and Career

"Vocation is not only about what we do, but also who we are.” (Neafsey)

Reflective questions regarding vocation and calling

  • Who Am I?
    • How “different” is this answer from five years ago?
    • Are there traits/characteristics that you feel have described you since childhood?

  • Dreams
    • Have you thought about how your dreams, values, inspirations, and ideals are part of your vocation?

  • Passions
    • What are your passions?  
    • Do you remember when you first felt passionate about something? 
    • What was it?  Have you remained passionate about this? 
    • Do you have new passions?

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