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Create your Resume, Professional Letters, Portfolio and Practice Interviewing
The Career Center offers a variety of ways to assist you in getting the help you need to apply for an internship/practicum/student teaching/clinical or full time experience. Whether you come for an individual appointment, attend one of our workshops or use our online tool, Optimal Resume/Resources, we’ve got the resources and services for you.


 The Career Center offers a wonderful online tool from which you can build your resume, get help writing professional letters, including your cover letter, create a portfolio and practice interviewing – 24/7; anywhere you have computer access! All of the Optimal Resume/Resources are available to students in Career Center Resources available through PirateNet.

Optimal Resume allows you to create your own resume quickly and easily online.  Never written a resume before?  Optimal Resume guides you throughout the process with relevant examples, guides, and advice to help you present yourself professionally.  Once finished, you can submit your resume for review by career professionals, download your resume into any of three formats, and create an interactive resume website to enhance your job search.
OptimalInterview -  Can’t make an interview workshop? Check out Optimal Interview (see Optimal Resources to learn how to access) a state-of-the-art interactive interview preparation system that will videotape your practice session!  Practice your interviewing skills with real-to-life, multi-media interview scenarios that were developed by seasoned employment professionals to prepare you for even the toughest of interviews. Best of all, you can do it right from your own computer!
OptimalLetter - Guides you through the professional letter-writing process. Whether you are sending a thank you letter after an interview or creating a cover letter for the first time, OptimalLetter can help by providing useful hints and instructions to help you create customized letters every step of the way.
OptimalEfolio - Displays your portfolio of professional documents in an attractive online format that can be viewed as part of the professional Web site you create with the Web site Builder. An online portfolio provides evidence of your skills and accomplishments and helps the viewer get a better understanding of your professional qualifications.
A portfolio is a collection of Web pages and/or concrete artifacts in a hard copy (binder) or web based format. It is part diary, part resume, and part goal-setting project. A portfolio is a place to highlight and give credit to what is most important to you. Portfolios can include letters of reference, your resume, a list of accomplishments, work samples and links to personal Web sites or blogs. In addition, it can highlight competence in civic responsibility, analytical thinking, technical and communication skills, leadership development, global understanding, and ethical development.  This is an especially great feature for those who want to share artwork, photography, lessons plans, graphic design work, etc.

Attend a Workshop or Practice Interviewing with a Career Professional
The way you present yourself to a potential employer can make or break your chances of being offered the position you want. To learn the basics of interviewing and sharpen your skills, attend an Interview Skills Workshop.

Mock interviews are a great way to enhance your interviewing skills by conducting a one-on-one practice session with a career professional. Call The Career Center to schedule a mock interview with one of our experienced career professionals today.

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